Another day…

    Another day had past, yet another workless night so far. Well, I did do work on tuesday night though, prepare for my Software Design Lab and finished off my Intro Micro Assignment. I’ve been caught up with emotion stuff, made me moody every day. Talk about melbourne got 4 type of season in one day hey? I’m worst, I get happy, sad, cranky, frustrate, upset + tired at the same day. I’m not feeling any better so far, I thought I was alright, but how wrong was I? I’m not thinking much of the past now, and yesterday night…I did something that I should have done ages ago. What more can I do to stay happy? Why it is so hard for me to stay happy?
    Today, I went to the 9am Eng. Anal. B lecture. My lecture suppose to be yesterday at 9am, but was too sleepy and tired in the morning, I felt asleep almost the instant I sat down. That prove how tired I am and I felt bad for not listening in lect, since I don’t understand them. So, to make up for it..I went to today’s lect instead…tried really hard to concentrate and listen, luckily get most of the stuff the lecturer said, just need to remember some formular and know how to apply it. The tute was alrite too, although I’ve got really confuse on one question, I’ll look it up later. Then, the Micro lect was alrite too, we were learning about Tax, not tha hard to understand. The last lect was really tiring too, kept of falling asleep and have to force my self to stay awake. The hard part was, BB was sleeping next to me..that make me even more sleepy…kakaka~~  Oh well, I just have to work harder on the reading then. Anyway~~ better stop here now~~ going to sleep soon soon lor~~ getting late…

3 thoughts on “Another day…

  1. 喂! sandy ar, 我见到你写D也, 未读完都想训阿!!。。。。。 你好闷阿, 闷就揾bf, or 揾我啦 。。。。。。 *sign*!!

  2. 好串窩o靚妹﹐咁我人生都無咩大起大跌﹐係就係會悶o的架喇。不如你又開返個Space﹐得閑寫o的野落去俾我entertain 下喇﹐好唔好???

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