終於有時間可以休息返下啦。今日過得非常忙碌﹐返工做個不停。照早/下午個陣都好地地﹐一到晚上o的人就好似一窩鋒咁飛過黎﹐真係有o的招架不住。就連一個咁細o既地方都可以行到雙腳發弱﹐厲害吧? o的人一次過咁黎﹐一檯走完就入多檯人﹐唔好話廚房係到打緊仗啊﹐就連餐堂都差唔多。好彩有 Tommy 哥哥幫手頂住﹐如果唔係做到我暈啊。今日都做到發晒脾氣啦﹐連啊姨都問我點解今日咁Aggressive。 無法啦﹐累啊嘛﹐又唔係好夠訓加上返全日無休息﹐真係有o的頂唔順架﹐但係點都好﹐頂硬上啦﹐要save money 黎返去用嘛。好想下年年頭有得返去啊﹐但係我會好唔捨得 海林啊。Anyway﹐講返今日啦。放工之後見到 Richard 心情好返好多喇﹐無咁 Aggressive。去左 Colse 買野﹐好快買完就走﹐之後就坐左係架車車到一陣先返屋企。都唔係坐好內﹐因為我重有份Assignment 要去完成﹐同埋我約左 Alvin 上網對Answer。點知上網發現 Alvin 根本唔係到﹐都唔知點算好﹐最後發現Alvin 已經sent 左o的 answers 去我個e-mail 到。多得晒佢份野啊﹐連我唔識做個o的都明白埋。~* Speical thx to Alvin for helping me with my Eng. Analy. B assignment, since the last question is truely a pain. I looked at the solution but I did not copy, I see how he start off with his solution to give me a kick to start off. So, if it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t know how to do the question. Now, I understand a bit more now, although I’m still confuse from time to time just from looking at the question. Thx Alvin, I wish you good luck and all the best with ur assignments + study + everything else!! *~ 之前同Arthur傾過電話。 Arthur 你要加油啊~~!!!! 你得架!!!! Catch up some time soon k?  And thx for your thought too, I was pretty touch by that. Thank you~~Its getting late…so sleep lah…sigh…turn out didn’t do anymore work…getting so tired and sleepy…but..hahaha…I’ve turn out to have $9.60 for tips for hte whole day of work, not bad~~~~

Alvin: Heheh…yeah I think the pics are cute too. Making up lines for each pics~ hehehe…thx for you help~~
Jing Jing: No worry lah, hope you like lah.
Kelly: 大忙人﹐得閑就黎捧我場啦。去留言版到留下言喇。近排過得好嗎?

One thought on “Finally~~~

  1. sansan真sweet!=D工作甘忙仲要讀書都甘辛苦添!哎~~sansa要注意身體架!不過林林現在是為左明年番去而努力,都會有所安慰。=)

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