I’m about to cry ><

    I’m feeling so sick atm, I’ve been sick for a week now and I don’t feel any better. I went to see the doc on friday to get a doc certificate and he said that I’m getting better. He sure?? I don’t mean to judge..but I ain’t feeling any better…in fact I felt worst…now…I’ve got a block nose, runny nose, cough and a really bad headach….I don’t see that is any better….and the med he gave have finish today. I’ve got a bloody mid sem test on tuesday and I’m not in any condition to study….feel so upset…..and that my headach really hurt that I am really about to cry…..Just feeling so sick atm…I don’t know what I can do any more….I just want to give up but I can’t…..sigh…felt like throwing up again…..aaah……..so sick…so sick……maybe i should just go to rest now…since i don’t think i can get much done anyway………sigh…another nite wasted…….crap….

3 thoughts on “I’m about to cry ><

  1. Agree with what Kelly just said .. yeh 小心身體 .. Exam is up on Tuesday, I know it is such a hard time for you at a moment .. Just try to drink more honey, tea to make you feel better and keep you awake, have some apples, it helps reducing your pain .. seriously!! Although I dont like it that much =P but everytime when I am sick I eat apple, then I will recover quickly ^_^ no matter you believe or not!! it\’s true =D In fact I don\’t really count on the doctor because we are the one who understand our condition the most, we are the one who is suffering it =P Doctor is only an advicer and help you to recover as soon as possible, but not superman =DHope you feeling better soon, and have a good status to do your exam =) Do what you can, and don\’t put too much pressure on yourself. You can do it. I believe in you, as always =Dtake good cares.

  2. :\'(…..I feel for you Sandy… *hugs*…I hope you\’ll feel better and will get well soon. I know its a pain being sick esp during uni… :(….All the best for your test on Tuesday. Hope you\’ll ace it with flying colours. Good luck!Take care. :)Alvin.

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