One down and many more to go ><

    First of all, thx sooooooooooooooooo much for all of your care Kelly, Arthur(c how I spell your name correct this time ) and Alvin. And you all should take gooood care of yourselves too, since every one is catching the flu this days. Unbelieveable!! Well, finished the Micro mid sem test today, I guessed I did alrite although I cough my way through it. So bad, I was feeling so cold while my other friends from micro tute are actually warm . Turn out that I didn’t get a special consideration for my test becoz one of my friend wouldn’t allow me to…hahaha…but that’s not the reason why I didn’t apply for it. I felt that I can still manage with the test (although some of them I don’t know how to do), and if I apply for it, felt like I’m more advantage than the others. Thats why I didn’t go apply for it~~~ oh well…even though its worth 5%…I can say that I did try my best and give it everything I’ve I have no regret on what the outcome of the test is. As for tonite, need to finish the Eng. Analy. B assignment, well I’m nearly done with that already so I guess it won’t be that much of a problem, then type up the example solution for the Logic project. AARRRHHHH~~~Logic is so hard…Maybe its just me, I don’t get a thing he is saying and when I read the note…still confused. Oh well, got to try harder, since I’ve got a logic mid-sem test next wednesday I think…sigh…so many test so many assignments+projects….although I know that I shouldn’t complain…coz there are many more ppl that suffer from uni more than me…eg. Alvin, Arthur, Kelly etc~~ You all add oil kk??  Me support you guys ah~!!! And friday got two programming type project to hand in which I haven’t got a chance to start yet, sigh~~~ What should I do?? Oh what should I do?? I don’t understand how Alvin can manage with all this stress and billion of work at the same time, I envy you ah~~~ >.< Where as for me, when I thought of all those work I need to do…I just froze and broke down, be very UNPRODUCTIVE…although I’m always unproductive, but still~~ sigh….just didn’t expect Uni to be like this…from tv, they are always free and happy…those are so fake man…well…most of the ppl in Uni DO enjoy it…but not for me…its like testing how much I can handle before I break down mentally….Uni is not only mentally stress also physically stress too, especially for those that live far from uni..have to take the bus or train very early in the morning…I don’t know about other ppl, but I felt so wasted sitting on the bus when I can’t fall asleep straight away, since I can’t do work or study on the bus, I will get car sick . So the only thing I can do is to sleep in the morning trip, just to gain back a lil bit of energy… that is not always successful though….sigh…anyway….going to stop typing for now…going to type it again tonite I might~~ hehehe…ADD OIL TO YOU ALL~~ AND GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!
p.s. Today I feel happy , as far as now…I’m happy

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