Saw Arthur post up "history" photos, so I might as well as do the same. Looking back, everyone have change~ not just physically appearance as well as in spirit. I still had plenty more of the "history" photos, but I have enough of scanning tonite, so I’ll leave it till next time to post it up. Today, I felt so good and refresh. Since I’ve decided what I want yesterday nite, I am determined today. Concentrate hard and I got stronger~~ can’t believe it~~ hehehe…although still got a little bit upset…but I just held it in and won’t let that affect me. Coz that is no longer part of the stuff that I need to be caring about. Just got nothing to do with me no more, I’ll move on with my life. Been happy all day today~~I’m not a kid anymore, I should be responsible for my act. If I cause any one pain, that will be my own fault. Feel free to state out the fact that I am wrong or that is my fault that something happen. I’ll analysis it and if I think its reasonable, I’ll change. No one is perfect, so why take all the blame even when it is not your fault. If I’m wrong, just tell me straight and I’ll accept it, although it might cause me to upset, but its better than just let my personality rot away.
    AAARRRHHHHHH~~ Just found out that Irene is not coming TOO!! So it make three of you guys, Arthur, Kelly and Irene. I thought I’ll see you all 2molo, sigh…a bit disappointed…but doesn’t matter, I know that you all got things to be bc on…..Take care Arthur and Kelly with your work, watch your self kk?? and Good luck with your test Irene, wish you’ll do well lah~~~~ Good luck with your test too Alvin…You’ll do fine fine lah~~ hehehe…me have faith in you!!! Anyway, me better get back to work now…..laterz guys~~

2 thoughts on “History~

  1. sorry ar sandy, too much work recently, many housework as well as uni work, also need to earn money for living…. poor me~~~~hope to see u soon. and Happy Birthday!!!! 青春美丽,嫁个好老公!PS. tell me any good and easy- to- make cooking recipes if u know any.

  2. Hey Sandy…Hahaha… mi\’s test today was so far ok la… did a very careless mistake for the first qn… (i mean how stupid can that get?… lol.)….. but hopefully others ok la….Oh yea… happy b\’day if I don\’t see you in Eng Analys B lecture tmr… hahaha…. mi so paranoid that mite forget ur b\’day (but can\’t la… u so nice person… hahaha ^_^)ALvin. 🙂

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