Thankyou every one!!!!

    Thank you soooooooooooooooooo much pplz!!!! Had a wonderful birthday celebration yesterday nite, we had Hot Pot for dinner~~~ kakaka~~ thx so so so so much for remembering my birthday: Teresa, Helen, Sam, Alvin, 草中, Patrick, Ken, Yu Jie(of coures we had the same b-day..kakakaka), Richard, Arthur, Kelly, Irene~~ etc etc lah~ u’ve got the idea lah. Well, just so mang things had happen yesterday. I’ll write it up just a bit later, just want to post an entry while its still my b-day~~ hehehe…well, tune in to see what happened~~ laterz guys….luv u all~~

    I guess its time for me to write down what I did on that day~~ kakak…well…start of the day going to Richard’s 9am lecture lor, fell asleep realllllll soon~~ kakakka~~ guess what? Richard BB bought me like two big pressies~~ one white, cool looking Billabong Bag~~ coz he said that my bags are always not big enough~~ and he bought me a Sony MP3 players ah~~ @_@~~ Love it so so so so so so so so much~~ since my old one is kinda broken. AAwww~~ thx BB~haha…yeah..I’m showing off , anyway…Richard just stayed until I finished lunch, he needed to get home first~~ after all the lecturers and tute and prac~~ uni is finally over for the day, but got a sms when I went out Charlespearson that BB is going to be late, so me called Teresa to see where she is. She went to BH to do her hair, so I’ve got no place to go at that just decided to walk around city lor~~ while walking pointlessly in China town~ I bumped into Judie~ high school girly~~ Since I’ve got nothing to do, so I walked around with her for a bit to catch up, but she got like work to do afterward, so I started to go around mindlessly again~~ but didn’t have to wait long before both Richard and Teresa called to tell me that are out in city lor~~ so met up with both of them and went to Teresa’s place to wait until ppl show up~~ Ken, Sam, Helen, Chloe(the other b-day gal) and Jack was there later on to meet up, well Jack couldn’t stay for long since he got some other stuff to do wor~~ oh well…we end up going to that Hot Pot place again, I went there once with Jacky and them last time lor. Don’t know why, the more I ate, the more I’m getting hungry. Weird~!!! Any way, the meal was quite enjoyable, although the service is just really no comment at all ah~~~ we took pics and stuff~~ just so much fun lor~~ Finished eating around 10 ga lah~~ so we were all back to Teresa’s place for cake!!!! The cake was like GREAT~!! THX so much Teresa~~ I’ve got pressie from Sam and Helen, and Teresa lor~~ hehe love their pressies too~~~Later on, I’ll post up all the photos of my pressis lor~~~ ehhe….everyone going to be so jealous ..kidding kidding lah~~~but that nite the train decided to play a trick on us, Richard and mi need to catch the train back to BH ah~ his car park there mah~~ but had to go to Flinder Station to catch the 12:25am one!!!!! SO LATE AH~!!!!!! Still got like 9am lecture the following day, but Richard was the first one to wish me Happy Birthday on my exact day~~ heheheh…..just had a wonderful wonderful day lor~~ thx everyone ~~~ thx very much ah!!!!!! Although it would be much more fun if Arthur, Kelly, Irene, Jacky and them could show up~~ oh well..every one is busy during this time, so its ALRITE~!!! Went back home so late lor~~ and guessed wat?? I’m going to show off a bit here now…forgive me guys~~..anyway..that’s abt it what I did….I did something great on saturday too….tell you guys later lah~~~ Take Care!!!

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