2 more..

    Finished another mid-sem test today, I thought I’ll never do good in Logic, but the test turn out wasn’t that hard. I forgot to write down I had a great time on 10/09, coz Richard celebrate my b-day with me again!! HEHE..anyway…now I’m dying away with Java and Prolog project, Prolog one is amost done while the Java one is killing me bit by bit. I don’t know what I can do with it any more, I’ve been sitting infront of the computer since I got home, which is around 2~3pm. Start working on it since, well…I can say that I did make a big progress today, since I didn’t do much of it before. Now I can read things in and just need to know where to store stuff, once I figure it out, then it will be alrite for the storing part. Then another pain to get through is the pretty scored board….just hate it so so so so much, since it got two out-put from the pretty scored board…..aaahhhh….. just got one more day 2molo…..will i be able to finish it?? i don’t care about readability any more…just want to get through it…and then I’ll be happy….sigh…better get moving AGAIN!! Its getting rather EARLY don’t u think???? Sigh…..java java java…prolog prolog prolog….oh oh oh…I saw three of my old high school teacher tonite, when I went to maccas to get Sundae to eat~~ Saw Mrs. Palamaras, just miss her so much..she is like the best ESL teacher ever~ and she look cool~~ hehehehe……going to visit her when i have time later on…hehehe..anyway..better go now….bai ppl…. every one is busy… good luck to u all….

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