Another bc day~

    Today is the mid autumn festival, its unbelieveably BUSY!!! I thought the nite will be busy and the afternoon will be pretty much be quiet. HOW WRONG WAS I?? Its was like soooooooooo busy in the afternoon as well, so many take away all came at once with ppl eat in as well, sigh, so bad. Luckly Jennifer (lady boss) came out today and help…lucky lucky lucky….but I still didn’t get to rest at all. So many ppl came in to buy duck and roast pork, well, the roast pork is for 拜神. I get to have my lunch at 2 something, I usually have lunch at 1 something max, that prove how busy we were…I had 紫菜魚蛋湯河, it was a bit too salty for me, other than that, its quite alrite ga. Then start working again lor, when everyone left at around 3 something. I was planning to get some rest, to rest my feet a bit. But I remember that we had to do a big clean up today, so turn out that I went to wipe the edge of the wall, then wipe the window and such. 勞動性質工作係比較"用力"o的架啦﹐無得怨。 At night, things didn’t get any better. Ppl eat in got full and take away all came in at once AGAIN!!! Well, not at once, but like few mins of different will not make any difference to us!!! I got so cranky and upset half way through work, even Tommy 哥哥 can tell that I’m getting tired and upset. Kakaka….coz I showed him my 可憐 look~~ he was a great help to me~~ or else I’ll be like faint half way. 但係應該反醒下自己o既工作態度囉﹐一忙就開始發癲咁。 But can’t really blame me I shall say, I’ve been working three nite + 1 afternoon straight, not to mention that I had like two most frustrating week of uni before. Not enought rest at all!! Felt like crying so easily this two days, just want to cry cry cry cry~~ silly silly me~ Lucky tomolo don’t need to work, can get some real rest….no more uni for two weeks…but still got assignment and project two due in when uni start again. Together….we sold ~20 duck…and a lot of 燒肉, and they made me want to eat it too >.< since they are all fresh made, smell so nice ga ga ga~~~ Anyway, we had a big clean up tonite. I was SUPPOSE to be the one scrubbing the floor, but turn out that I’m so useless at it and Tommy 哥哥 is being very thoughtful~~ he helped me to do and let me go clean the window instead~ so good good~~ hehehe…..that’s pretty much of my busy work thingy…..
    Now, for some good thing. I saw Arthur today!! He came in to buy 蔥油餅 ah~~ aaww… nice to have some time to catch up during the busy busy day~ felt so warm and nice…thx Arthur ….U remember that u still owe me a dinner ga~ let’s go for dinner some day day ah~~ find Kelly and Irene as well~~ kakaka Saw Stanley as well ah, he came in to buy 燒肉 just like others lor~~ 拜神啊嘛!! At nite, I miss Richard so so so much, so I decided to sms him when every one decided not to come any more , his reply made me feel so much better….thx babe~ He came and pick me off work too ah…well…he had been doing this for few months already actually~~ kakak…..he became my driver lor…but felt so bad sometimes…felt like 煩到佢咁…oh well…he just have to live with it then… heheheheh~~~ that’s pretty much of my day lor~~ just a busy working day…
ps…thx Alvin, I hope that I can get some rest too >.< .. really need that now..hehehe
ppss…Arthur…remember that dinner lah
pppsss…多謝 Tommy 哥哥 今晚o既幫忙﹐你救左我半條命。
ppppssss…That corn thingy for breakfast is real good babe~ let’s make it again some other time kk????

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