Melbourne Show

    Richard brought me to the Melbourne Show today ah. I had so much fun and that Richard got me a new member of the doll family ah…ehhehe…he got me one big doll for every festival thingy we went to together. I liked that, coz each one is a memoriable present for the time we spent together. Sis, bro and Brian was there with us as well. I was so happy with my new doggy…I’ll post up photo later on. She is called Roxy ah~ I named it…heheheh….just…its just so great…but since its getting late…I’ll write all about it 2molo or later lor. I’m just going to add on to this post lah..not going to make a new entry for it~~ Just I had so much fun…Thx bb~~ thx so much for the good time. I love you.

   Let’s c c what I did on that day. BB arrived my house around 10, a bit before 10am lah. Turn out that my bro just woke up and haven’t called Brian yet, sigh…Well, we were all set and got out of the house by 10:20pm. Arrived box hill and this time..haha..lots of car spaces lor, unlike the mid-autumn festival thingy, so hard to find a space. Well, didn’t waste much time in bh, since the train will be leaving in 4 mins. Got to Flinder Station lah, and the train to the show ground is at platform 8 & 9. Arrived at the show ground around 11 something lah….or is it 12 already? Can’t really remember the time, and when we got in….Bro and me got attracted to those the accessary shop, turn out that my bro even bought those necklace thingy there. Walked into the show bag part on the way, BB was planning to get me a show bag ga, but didn’t find anything I’m insterest in lor. But sis got herself a kitty from Bob the builder..hahaah..and a Girl Only show bag (now most of the stuff is mine…hahahaha..she just wanted the bag). Walked around, play around lor. Sis got caught in a game, have to throw the ball into the bucket without it bouncing out. Its really hard, my sis tried so many time, but not be able to succeed. She managed to get one in, but have to get two to win a prize. Oh well, better luck next time sis. I was searching around for the matching number game game…kakaka….that’s how we got all those big big toy toy lor~~ but they change it at the show ground…its different from what we played before, its still matching number, but it cost more and its harder to get lor. But still, BB got the determination to get me a toy, since..hahaah I asked for it =P…..anyway…heehhe…he got me a doll ah~~ its a big head dog…….super cute….anyway….Bro played a game and got me a blue colour bear as well ah…although its a small one…but still…its cute cute ga~~thx bro….Brian didn’t played much, just walked around with my bro and chatted a bit lor. During the lunch time, so hungry….went to search for food…but I kept on getting distract by other shops and stuff >.<….I had a chicken roll for lunch, BB had a hot dog, sis, bro and brian got subway lor~~ heheheh….oh…and water as well~~~ then walked around again….oh oh oh….I forgot to mention….bb turned out got me a Garfield show bag ah… cute as well…thx babe~~ gum…after lunch…bump around for a lil while longer…..Brian bought two necklace, I chose one of them~ kakak…and he ended up buying a big green looking monkey… werid looking…gum……not nothing to see see lor….go home home lor. I had dinner with bro and Brian at the malaysian place..its pretty nice ga….and got nothing to do afterward, so went to Brian’s house lor…his place is not that far from mine. Turn out… nothing much to do at this house as well….went home around 8 something lor…..well…that’s pretty much my day day lor~~ hehehe I had a great time…thx bb……I just love to go to places that u brought me…..I had so much fun…….thx ah


2 thoughts on “Melbourne Show

  1. Sansan就好啦!我琴晚一到Melbourne Show門口就話收當了!幾慘啊!8點未到就趕人走,有無搞錯!!不過算啦,下個月去Geelong Show玩!^^你同你男朋友好鬼得意既姐!好可愛!你家姐同細佬都去埋,好熱鬧啊!下次叫埋我啊!=D

  2. There There Jing Jing﹐今次去唔到咪下次囉。大把機會嘛﹐同埋你下個月都去Geelong show 保返啦。 hehe..多謝窩﹐你同你男朋友夠好鬼得意落。下次叫埋你一齊去﹐夠熱鬧啊嘛多o的人去。hehehehe….

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