Sorry everyone..

   It’s finally over? I don’t have the energy to carry on like this any longer, I’ve got to stop. Like, who am I to judge? Everything is understandable but why won’t I just go accept it? I understand why everything happen, I do understand. Hey, understand doesn’t mean have to accept rite? That’s my thought in the past nearly a year, I can put myself in your shoe and feel wat u feel, think what you think. That doesn’t mean that I’m going to stop the way I am, well, not anymore. I won’t be a bitch anymore, so tiring being a bitch all the time. I think its time to let someone to take over my bitchy job, I’ll give that a smile. I know that my attitude to deal with things is very childish and stubborn. Now, I’ll just put a smile on my face and move on. I chat to my good god bro a couple of days ago, I asked him why am I always unhappy, he replied me with this " 唔同人有唔同性格麻, 唔洗成日都一定要開開心心先係人, 呢個係你charater=.= u don’t have to understand it, just live with it". I know that he is rite but if I continue living the way I am now, I don’t think I’ll have many more years to live. Is he true that this is my chraracter? Am I always being a sorrow bitch all the time? I remembered that I was cheery like ages ago, only school work will get me down. I don’t wanna think about that any more. I just wanna apologize the way I treated everyone in the past, I’m truely honestly sorry. That’s all I want to say…sorry pplz.

2 thoughts on “Sorry everyone..

  1. Ey sansan wut\’s going on??? Are you ok? Who said you are bitch? Why in my mind you are always an angel! GOD even if you are not happy so wut? I don\’t think you need to apologize for anything. Cheers girl!!!

  2. Jing Jing, thx for caring..really appreciate it. And no one had called me a bitch lah, but just the way I acted I felt that I\’m a bitch jei. I\’m having problem with my emotion for quite a while lah, just don\’t know what I should do anymore. I thought back, and I reaslised that I\’ve been so mean to pplz. I felt really bad, so decided to apologize to everyone lor~~ u take care Jing Jing and good luck with ur job @.<…hehe

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