Happy Halloween every one

    Today is Halloween lor~ wich everyone, who is going trick or treatin will have fun and be safe. Acutally, those who decided to stay at home to be safe too, remember to have lollies around just in case some cute stranger just drop by. I never try trick or treating myself, though it would be a rather "kiddish" experience for me. Still, I don’t mind getting a chance to try =P….maybe….one year, one year I’ll go trick or treat. HAHAHAHAHA~~ Anyway, today is Monday already, next week got exam lu and yet I’m still not prepare for anything. How shyt can I get? Oh well….just got to try harder I guess, might get a nap of an hour and then study lu. Today is a good day, although for that big drama in the morning was not pleasent, but hey, things turn out fine after ward lor. Went to ICT with Rich to study a bit, although not much was done, but still had a good time. He drove me out to the city today ne, so sweet of him to do that. Thx Babe!!!!!! He did some of his work as well lor, then went back to doncaster maccas to have "breakfast" at 5 something. Great isn’t it? We both didn’t eat until 5 something, I’m sorry bb. Yeah….nothing much happen today, I’ll keep writing a bit later lah. Take care everyone, and good luck for all ya exams!!! You all can do it ah!!!!!! GOOD LUCK AND ADD OIL!!!!!!

Last day of Uni~~

    I can’t believe its the end of the year already and now its time for stress + panic. I’ve got Exams in 13 days, so quick, so soon. I can’t believe it….noooooo >.<….I don’t have enough time to study and yet, I don’t feel like study at ALL!!! What should I do? In a way, I felt sad, coz time really fly….I don’t want time to go past this quick~ I’m not ready for anything, yet, almost a year now, I still carry the burden with me. I said that I’ve let go already, well, I do…since there is no more hatred in me. But the images never left me, each day I still saw them in my mind, toturing my heart and soul. So far, not much ppl could really understand how I feel, and why do I feel that way. Most of you, actually, every one of you told me to cheer up and its in the past now, nothing more I could do, so don’t think about it, don’t have to care about it. I’m sorry to say, but that really turn me down. I know you all are trying to cheer up me and I’m really greatful for all ur kindness, I do feel happy to have friends like you all. Really appreciate what you guys did for me ga!!!! I’m really happy to have friends like you . Stay friends forever kk? And its not that I don’t wanna let go, its because it takes time to. I just need longer than everybody else that’s all. Nothing wrong with that rite?(Pls support me???) I’ve already tried my hardest not to hate. How much more do I have to give in before I’m past-free? Is there anyone I should blame for all this? Why do I feel that everything is so fake? Human are so fake!!!!!! Everyone is so unclean, not physical cleaness. I’m talking about internal, spiritual cleaness. So far, I haven’t met someone that pure yet. I, myself is not clean. I’m full of jealousy and sadness, but is it really my fault that I’ve jealous? I guess, sometime, things are better left unspoken. The more I type now, the more I’m getting effect by it. I’m going to stop typing now…..love you all and take care .

婦容 VS 夫容





    I just think its really good and yes~~ all guy should do what the rule said~~ from now on…男子四行中的夫容 exist!!!


Good Morning ppl~

    Hahhahaah….didn’t sleep for the whole nite, just sat infront of the comp and type + draw away….still not done…but very close to finish..which i’m happy about…going to carry on during uni as well i suppose~~my brain is a bit stuffy~~ can’t think..well…can still think…but just not fast……anyway….gonna get a shower and then keep going lor……try to get as much done as i can now…at least the class diagram….since the uni is not using the program I’m using now…which is kinda suck…oh well…..shower u~~ good morning ppl~~~ a bright new day…..have fun and take care~~~

When will this end?

    I’m sick of waiting and I’m sick of uni. I haven’t get enough sleep for this week AGAIN, so that make two weeks in a row that I only sleep for few hour each day….when will this toture end? Just, when can I wake up one day without caring wat’s going to happen that day? I wanna rest, I NEED rest….yet…I’m stuck with another tedious project which I must mention, killing alot of my brain cell!!!!!!!!! Sigh….feeling so screw…..wat should I do ppl? Exam is coming up and I still can’t find time to study….I’m like still in lecture 1 material can you believe? Its just so unbelievable man……sigh…..not going to waste time lah….going to work now………take care ppl….and good luck Jacky for ur coming exam~ you can do it…although I don’t think u read this anyway…but doesn’t matter….ehhehe……..and Take Care Jing Jing~ things might not  be as bad as you see it ne, just talk it through calmly then everything is going to be alrite. Haven’t see Kelly for a while now, good luck with ur exam as well~ take special care of ur self gal~ must catch up after exam~ MUST…..and Arthur~ i’m not going to work on sunday…so don’t go to ho mei to visit me this weekend lah~ u take care as well lah~ and Alvin~ don’t stress…I’ve got a feeling that u r a bit panicky…..who else~~ thx Leanor for helping me with my UML thingy in visio~ let’s get through this together and we’ll never going to see it again….AHAH….great hey? Anyway….wat else…nothing much lah….take care everyone and You’ll be alrite~ bai bai…..I’m getting my arse kick~ hahaha

More to come…

    The project 2 for Prolog have been submitted at 12 somthing am this morning and let’s hope everything will goes well with this one. Since Phillip and I did put a lot of effort into, although he is the one that did more work this time. We learned from our mistake and try again, I guess this is the meaning of life. We fall, we pick ourself up from there and move on. It might take a while for us to stand up again, but eventually we will. No point staying at the same spot forever right? I have this fear lately, I fear that I’m falling behind in my life, as in, its not getting any better. Actually, I am getting better in life, I’ve experience more and got more. But some how I felt that I’ve lost my spirit some time, no energy to do anything, lost the meaning in doing thing. I said more and more of the sentence "I can’t be bother.". Am I really this not can’t be bother? I know that when it comes to assignments and projects, I’ll get crazy from it, every single one of them. I put so much into it at the start, but when it is close to the end….I felt like I just wanna give up, as in just finish this damn thing and hand in. I’ve got nothing to do and I don’t feel bor at all. Am I crazy? Or I’m not the only one like that? I know that I’m a boring person and I like the way I am. Mum and Dad gave me what I am, so I should be greatful right? What more do I want? I know that I’m a perfectionist, I really am….it can come to a point that I felt life is too screw and not rite….I wanna start everything over again, just to get it right. I don’t know….sigh…..I don’t even know what I should do or what do I want any more……..Just got another assignment today man……I will try my best to do it …..but don’t think I’ll be smart enough to though…..I wish I’m smarter….just like Alvin~~ Alvin, if you read this….yes…I’m telling everybody that you are smart~~ and way more hard working than me…so don’t panic since I should be the one who is like a panic freak~~ YOU CAN DO IT…I have my faith in you~~~~ and you had help me ALOT during the year, with the subjects we got the same~ … You are like a dictionary…ahahah…can find definition to everything~~ I guess…I just have to try harder than~~ getting sleepy lah….didn’t sleep enough at all for the whole week….better get some sleep now…..bai ppl~~~ good luck to you all and love you all~~ TAKE CARE!!!