Lack of sleep cause crankiness~

    Time really fly~ even if its bad time. In a month’s time, PANIC symptom will be worsten. Anyway, just finished Intro Micro assignment tonite. I can’t believe it will take me this long to do, got fake out from Assignment 1. For Assignment 1, I used 2 days to do it and for this one, I used 3 days, almost non-sleeping state to do it. So much to write and so much to explain, so this is what commerce is all about >.<. I need to thx Richard for helping me out with my Assignment, if its not him pointing out that two Polices contain Tax, I forgot to write about it in the analysis, which will be losing a few marks I presume. This few days, I’ve got distracted by another online game. This time I was able to work and play at the same time, coz its just about online owning a pet (cat/dog). I’ve got a dog called Panda熊貓 and Richard got a dog called Bear Bear, then the rest got a kitty~~ @_@ so ppl favour cats more this days??? Anyway, my bro, sis, richard’s bro and his friends are all like in this game together now. The cute part is that my pet can just wonder off to other ppl’s screen, eat their food and stuff…..just really really cute….I might paste some photo up later or so…not sure lah….one assignment done…still got the prolog project to hand in next friday~~ great lah…and the two other subjects still got assignment/projects to hand out. I just  got no time to study now…but I’ll try to work hard and study at the same time. I don’t know lah….blah blah blah….everyone, good luck with ur work and study -_-v ….Alvin, I know you’ll probably be a really panic"ky" state rite now~ but relax, you’ll do fine….you always do fine~  so STOP WORRYING!! I’ll probably can return the sheets to u on Friday…since I don’t have time this two nite to copy it down….sorry >.<~~ anyway…I wanna sleep lu…so lack of sleep man…. you want to see a real life Panda walking around Uni? Come and find me, take a photo with me to be prove…I’m a Panda now~~ nite lah nite lah….

One thought on “Lack of sleep cause crankiness~

  1. Yes… assgnments are a pain!!!…. I can understand… :(….Anywayz, good luck with the Prolog assignment! :)Take care Sandi!Alvin 😉

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