Programming is Banana~~

    Prolog project is due this friday, so far so good I guess, since haha…Phillip is going to do most of the work…thx Phillip~ Everything is so repeatitive and long, looking at the screen make my eyes sore. The is that its really "word" sensitive, as in, if I don’t type in the correct word, I won’t be able to get the answer that I want. Guess what? I kept having typo while I typed, so I need to go back and forth just to check spelling ALL THE TIME!!!! Later on, need to add all those comment back on just for the sake of it. I know its good practice, but I’m just so not use to typing up comment as I go along. So much to do so much to do….UML project is out too, due in 2 weeks time. I’ve got lots of reading to do before I can do the project, sigh…so bad…so bad….Why doesn’t programming projects have to be a pain????? I don’t want to do it…..I want to rest …I’m so damn tired, yet, I still can’t go to sleep coz I need to do my project. I wish I can be smarter…then I can finish my things faster and better~~~I still haven’t shower yet and I’m really sleepy….what should I do ne??? Oh well…better keep going now…..

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