Spinning and Turning~

    Look at the clock and its 3am again, yep I’m still up. Its not like I don’t wanna sleep, its I’m get caught in the middle of a project again. Prolog Project gave me a scare today . I’ve check the Prolog Part1 mark and I’m not satisfy. Its so low that you won’t believe, I’ve got pretty upset about it too. Since its a group project and that mean my partner got the same mark too >.<. I’m sorry Phillip, I felt like I’ve pulled him down since he is GOOD at programming stuff. Feel so bad Feel so bad….I felt guilty, upset and lose hope + confident. I’m not born with much confident already and this sem just worn them out so bad, no matter how hard I try, how much I won’t give up…I still got a disappointing result. I don’t know what to do any more…I need sleep, I know I need more sleep, so lack of sleep this week. Been like sleeping for 4 hours each day? Or less? No sleep and no confident, what a great combination. I want to find a day to just sleep sleep sleep…hm….maybe I’ll just go to sleep while BB format my computer…kakka….evil evil….and yeah..my computer is a bit stuffy atm, got infected I think…so bad…but doesn’t matter….two more days then it will be new again~~ horray~!!! Sigh…..better get back to my project ….yeah…still gor Prolog part2 to do, better concentrate harder on it…don’t wanna let Phillip down again. I don’t have that much confident left, so pls don’t take it away from me? Anway…better get typing….laterz ppl…wish you all the best and take care….especially you Arthur, take better care of yourself since you r living by urself. You are too far for us to take care of you, so you better do a good job of taking care of urself~~ good luck with ur work too…..Same to you Kelly, don’t stress too much on things that u don’t even need to care. Show everybody what a good gal you are, smart and pretty~~ perfect lah!!! Your exams are soon, good luck to you lah~~ add oil and I’m sure u can do it lah..just try ur best and I’ll support ya~~ aahhh……need to do project lah…bai lah bai lah

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