More to come…

    The project 2 for Prolog have been submitted at 12 somthing am this morning and let’s hope everything will goes well with this one. Since Phillip and I did put a lot of effort into, although he is the one that did more work this time. We learned from our mistake and try again, I guess this is the meaning of life. We fall, we pick ourself up from there and move on. It might take a while for us to stand up again, but eventually we will. No point staying at the same spot forever right? I have this fear lately, I fear that I’m falling behind in my life, as in, its not getting any better. Actually, I am getting better in life, I’ve experience more and got more. But some how I felt that I’ve lost my spirit some time, no energy to do anything, lost the meaning in doing thing. I said more and more of the sentence "I can’t be bother.". Am I really this not can’t be bother? I know that when it comes to assignments and projects, I’ll get crazy from it, every single one of them. I put so much into it at the start, but when it is close to the end….I felt like I just wanna give up, as in just finish this damn thing and hand in. I’ve got nothing to do and I don’t feel bor at all. Am I crazy? Or I’m not the only one like that? I know that I’m a boring person and I like the way I am. Mum and Dad gave me what I am, so I should be greatful right? What more do I want? I know that I’m a perfectionist, I really am….it can come to a point that I felt life is too screw and not rite….I wanna start everything over again, just to get it right. I don’t know….sigh…..I don’t even know what I should do or what do I want any more……..Just got another assignment today man……I will try my best to do it …..but don’t think I’ll be smart enough to though…..I wish I’m smarter….just like Alvin~~ Alvin, if you read this….yes…I’m telling everybody that you are smart~~ and way more hard working than me…so don’t panic since I should be the one who is like a panic freak~~ YOU CAN DO IT…I have my faith in you~~~~ and you had help me ALOT during the year, with the subjects we got the same~ … You are like a dictionary…ahahah…can find definition to everything~~ I guess…I just have to try harder than~~ getting sleepy lah….didn’t sleep enough at all for the whole week….better get some sleep now…..bai ppl~~~ good luck to you all and love you all~~ TAKE CARE!!!

2 thoughts on “More to come…

  1. Hey Arthur, you\’ve become a frequent visitor to my Blog wor…and thx for visiting lah, visit me more lah…..I\’ll update a lot lah ~~ kekeke….and yah..thx lah…I\’ll try to take good care of mi self lah…so should you~ and u still haven\’t sign my guest book…….go sign it now~~ kakakakka good luck and add oil

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