When will this end?

    I’m sick of waiting and I’m sick of uni. I haven’t get enough sleep for this week AGAIN, so that make two weeks in a row that I only sleep for few hour each day….when will this toture end? Just, when can I wake up one day without caring wat’s going to happen that day? I wanna rest, I NEED rest….yet…I’m stuck with another tedious project which I must mention, killing alot of my brain cell!!!!!!!!! Sigh….feeling so screw…..wat should I do ppl? Exam is coming up and I still can’t find time to study….I’m like still in lecture 1 material can you believe? Its just so unbelievable man……sigh…..not going to waste time lah….going to work now………take care ppl….and good luck Jacky for ur coming exam~ you can do it…although I don’t think u read this anyway…but doesn’t matter….ehhehe……..and Take Care Jing Jing~ things might not  be as bad as you see it ne, just talk it through calmly then everything is going to be alrite. Haven’t see Kelly for a while now, good luck with ur exam as well~ take special care of ur self gal~ must catch up after exam~ MUST…..and Arthur~ i’m not going to work on sunday…so don’t go to ho mei to visit me this weekend lah~ u take care as well lah~ and Alvin~ don’t stress…I’ve got a feeling that u r a bit panicky…..who else~~ thx Leanor for helping me with my UML thingy in visio~ let’s get through this together and we’ll never going to see it again….AHAH….great hey? Anyway….wat else…nothing much lah….take care everyone and You’ll be alrite~ bai bai…..I’m getting my arse kick~ hahaha

3 thoughts on “When will this end?

  1. halor ^_^ bit sad to know you are suffering from the work. But yeh .. I think everyone is having the same thing now, just the way how to manage them .. Try to get enough rest and do it in your "efficiency time", so you get rest and do the work quicker instead of sitting there forever ..By the way thanks for telling me you are not working on sunday, but actually i am not going on sunday as well .. coz im a little busy and im not going to visit my cousin this week. hehe hope you have an exceptional (as in good ways) weekend =] !hehe ok sandi .. I better back to my work again since I slept another 8 HOURS last night 😛 (trying to tease you, hehe ..) haha joking. try not to panic too much, and eat !!! it gives you energy =D 心情都好D啦 .. Take good cares, and good luck.peace & bye x 2

  2. oh sansan you r such a sweet little girl.i hate uni too! but when u r over it, u can breathe again.i understand how u feel. just take some rests. maybe get the assignment extended or something.god bless u. =)

  3. Hey Sandy…Yeah… life in uni sucks… esp with engineering… T.T…I know your pain… I have 3 assignments due next week and I still am in lecture 1 for most of my subjects…. >.<…. aiiii…die luuu….. this is soooo crazy…. oh wellz…. just push on I suppose… :SAnywayz, good luck for your assignments and stuff. Hope all goes well.Take care and God Bless!ALvin. 🙂

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