Last day of Uni~~

    I can’t believe its the end of the year already and now its time for stress + panic. I’ve got Exams in 13 days, so quick, so soon. I can’t believe it….noooooo >.<….I don’t have enough time to study and yet, I don’t feel like study at ALL!!! What should I do? In a way, I felt sad, coz time really fly….I don’t want time to go past this quick~ I’m not ready for anything, yet, almost a year now, I still carry the burden with me. I said that I’ve let go already, well, I do…since there is no more hatred in me. But the images never left me, each day I still saw them in my mind, toturing my heart and soul. So far, not much ppl could really understand how I feel, and why do I feel that way. Most of you, actually, every one of you told me to cheer up and its in the past now, nothing more I could do, so don’t think about it, don’t have to care about it. I’m sorry to say, but that really turn me down. I know you all are trying to cheer up me and I’m really greatful for all ur kindness, I do feel happy to have friends like you all. Really appreciate what you guys did for me ga!!!! I’m really happy to have friends like you . Stay friends forever kk? And its not that I don’t wanna let go, its because it takes time to. I just need longer than everybody else that’s all. Nothing wrong with that rite?(Pls support me???) I’ve already tried my hardest not to hate. How much more do I have to give in before I’m past-free? Is there anyone I should blame for all this? Why do I feel that everything is so fake? Human are so fake!!!!!! Everyone is so unclean, not physical cleaness. I’m talking about internal, spiritual cleaness. So far, I haven’t met someone that pure yet. I, myself is not clean. I’m full of jealousy and sadness, but is it really my fault that I’ve jealous? I guess, sometime, things are better left unspoken. The more I type now, the more I’m getting effect by it. I’m going to stop typing now… you all and take care .

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