Happy Halloween every one

    Today is Halloween lor~ wich everyone, who is going trick or treatin will have fun and be safe. Acutally, those who decided to stay at home to be safe too, remember to have lollies around just in case some cute stranger just drop by. I never try trick or treating myself, though it would be a rather "kiddish" experience for me. Still, I don’t mind getting a chance to try =P….maybe….one year, one year I’ll go trick or treat. HAHAHAHAHA~~ Anyway, today is Monday already, next week got exam lu and yet I’m still not prepare for anything. How shyt can I get? Oh well….just got to try harder I guess, might get a nap of an hour and then study lu. Today is a good day, although for that big drama in the morning was not pleasent, but hey, things turn out fine after ward lor. Went to ICT with Rich to study a bit, although not much was done, but still had a good time. He drove me out to the city today ne, so sweet of him to do that. Thx Babe!!!!!! He did some of his work as well lor, then went back to doncaster maccas to have "breakfast" at 5 something. Great isn’t it? We both didn’t eat until 5 something, I’m sorry bb. Yeah….nothing much happen today, I’ll keep writing a bit later lah. Take care everyone, and good luck for all ya exams!!! You all can do it ah!!!!!! GOOD LUCK AND ADD OIL!!!!!!

3 thoughts on “Happy Halloween every one

  1. Oh yes we do, some of my friends went trick or treating on that night. Although they are still kids, but yeah, Australian do play halloween as well. Just that we are not that prepare ji mah …

  2. sansan,唔洗worry太多,因爲呢幾日我諗通咗D野。雖然唔係完完全全知道自己應該點做或會否後悔,但係都好過盡情迷茫下去。你說對吧?=)不過我真係好感激,多謝你甘關心我既狀況。Love you so much!

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