Spinning and Turning~

    Look at the clock and its 3am again, yep I’m still up. Its not like I don’t wanna sleep, its I’m get caught in the middle of a project again. Prolog Project gave me a scare today . I’ve check the Prolog Part1 mark and I’m not satisfy. Its so low that you won’t believe, I’ve got pretty upset about it too. Since its a group project and that mean my partner got the same mark too >.<. I’m sorry Phillip, I felt like I’ve pulled him down since he is GOOD at programming stuff. Feel so bad Feel so bad….I felt guilty, upset and lose hope + confident. I’m not born with much confident already and this sem just worn them out so bad, no matter how hard I try, how much I won’t give up…I still got a disappointing result. I don’t know what to do any more…I need sleep, I know I need more sleep, so lack of sleep this week. Been like sleeping for 4 hours each day? Or less? No sleep and no confident, what a great combination. I want to find a day to just sleep sleep sleep…hm….maybe I’ll just go to sleep while BB format my computer…kakka….evil evil….and yeah..my computer is a bit stuffy atm, got infected I think…so bad…but doesn’t matter….two more days then it will be new again~~ horray~!!! Sigh…..better get back to my project ….yeah…still gor Prolog part2 to do, better concentrate harder on it…don’t wanna let Phillip down again. I don’t have that much confident left, so pls don’t take it away from me? Anway…better get typing….laterz ppl…wish you all the best and take care….especially you Arthur, take better care of yourself since you r living by urself. You are too far for us to take care of you, so you better do a good job of taking care of urself~~ good luck with ur work too…..Same to you Kelly, don’t stress too much on things that u don’t even need to care. Show everybody what a good gal you are, smart and pretty~~ perfect lah!!! Your exams are soon, good luck to you lah~~ add oil and I’m sure u can do it lah..just try ur best and I’ll support ya~~ aahhh……need to do project lah…bai lah bai lah


    我一早就明白到依個道理﹐但係好可惜我做唔到。我唔係刻意同人比較﹐只係自己o既要求比較高左些小姐。我想人地做到o既野我都做到﹐人地會做o既野我都會﹐最斃就係自己死都唔會認輸o既性格。我唔係想話高出晒所有人﹐我凈係唔想俾人 left out 姐﹐我知我唔夠好﹐但係最起碼我想可以同佢地差唔多。讀書方面我唔聰明﹐但係我肯去讀﹐中學個陣係我至光輝o既時期。升到大學﹐我就徹底俾人打敗﹐好"無能為力" feel。見到個個都咁厲害我就有o的驚﹐唔單止厲害重好 hard working 添。我有o的心虛﹐上親 Tute 我都唔係太會o的問題。其他人個個都識答個陣我就好沮喪﹐就會係到 think 點解我咁鈍架﹐返屋企要讀書先得﹐但係無一次會做。時間過得好快﹐又就黎考試喇﹐咩都沒溫過你問我點死? 好頹廢囉﹐重係覺得每個sem 都過得好頹廢﹐讀得越黎越差。點解會咁呢? 我之前o既 determination 去晒邊? 讀書無晒鬥志好辛苦﹐好唔想讀落去﹐但係我唔得﹐點可以令到啊爸啊媽失望呢。每次到考試期間都會發晒癲咁讀﹐讀到連訓覺o既時間都無埋喇﹐最後羅出黎o既成積又唔係咁理想個陣真係好唔開心。今年係讀書個方面真係好唔開心﹐有太多野要顧要理﹐加上大學二年教o既野又真係難左好多。我轉數唔夠快﹐又唔夠人地聰明﹐想羅好成積都幾難。唔知啊唔知啊﹐凈係覺得好頹廢啊。好唔開心啊﹐個個都咁努力咁問緊習而我就係到對住部電腦發呆﹐浪費做好多時間。唔寫喇﹐唔開心啊……點解人地都可以咁努力溫習而我唔得架….發霉喇!!

Programming is Banana~~

    Prolog project is due this friday, so far so good I guess, since haha…Phillip is going to do most of the work…thx Phillip~ Everything is so repeatitive and long, looking at the screen make my eyes sore. The is that its really "word" sensitive, as in, if I don’t type in the correct word, I won’t be able to get the answer that I want. Guess what? I kept having typo while I typed, so I need to go back and forth just to check spelling ALL THE TIME!!!! Later on, need to add all those comment back on just for the sake of it. I know its good practice, but I’m just so not use to typing up comment as I go along. So much to do so much to do….UML project is out too, due in 2 weeks time. I’ve got lots of reading to do before I can do the project, sigh…so bad…so bad….Why doesn’t programming projects have to be a pain????? I don’t want to do it…..I want to rest …I’m so damn tired, yet, I still can’t go to sleep coz I need to do my project. I wish I can be smarter…then I can finish my things faster and better~~~I still haven’t shower yet and I’m really sleepy….what should I do ne??? Oh well…better keep going now…..


    FUKING HELL!!!! 頭先打個o的咩都無Q晒﹐頂!!!!! 部電腦都係到玩我﹐咩都係咁。無咁好心情再打過﹐唔打喇。凈係知道我而架極興啊﹐但係你會知咩? 你理到我咩? 早知今晚會係咁﹐就唔等你跟住就去食埋個宵夜﹐唔洗等到我而家咁﹐肚餓又無胃口食啊。(*)#&$)(*$#&(*^#@$(*^$(%(*&R(*$&%)(*&#(^*%^%#%@$@^$#*%)*&^T*)&^)*&%*&$^%$&$#&^#$*^%$)*&^&^(*^%& i’m fucking going….yeah…what a long day hey? How many hours to go before I need to get to the air-port? Less than 4 hours….what’s the point of sleeping….eventhough this is a question….there is no one here atm to answer me…. what a loser I am…..唔寫喇﹐去收自己皮啊。

Lack of sleep cause crankiness~

    Time really fly~ even if its bad time. In a month’s time, PANIC symptom will be worsten. Anyway, just finished Intro Micro assignment tonite. I can’t believe it will take me this long to do, got fake out from Assignment 1. For Assignment 1, I used 2 days to do it and for this one, I used 3 days, almost non-sleeping state to do it. So much to write and so much to explain, so this is what commerce is all about >.<. I need to thx Richard for helping me out with my Assignment, if its not him pointing out that two Polices contain Tax, I forgot to write about it in the analysis, which will be losing a few marks I presume. This few days, I’ve got distracted by another online game. This time I was able to work and play at the same time, coz its just about online owning a pet (cat/dog). I’ve got a dog called Panda熊貓 and Richard got a dog called Bear Bear, then the rest got a kitty~~ @_@ so ppl favour cats more this days??? Anyway, my bro, sis, richard’s bro and his friends are all like in this game together now. The cute part is that my pet can just wonder off to other ppl’s screen, eat their food and stuff…..just really really cute….I might paste some photo up later or so…not sure lah….one assignment done…still got the prolog project to hand in next friday~~ great lah…and the two other subjects still got assignment/projects to hand out. I just  got no time to study now…but I’ll try to work hard and study at the same time. I don’t know lah….blah blah blah….everyone, good luck with ur work and study -_-v ….Alvin, I know you’ll probably be a really panic"ky" state rite now~ but relax, you’ll do fine….you always do fine~  so STOP WORRYING!! I’ll probably can return the sheets to u on Friday…since I don’t have time this two nite to copy it down….sorry >.<~~ anyway…I wanna sleep lu…so lack of sleep man…. you want to see a real life Panda walking around Uni? Come and find me, take a photo with me to be prove…I’m a Panda now~~ nite lah nite lah….


     我記得個夢講咩喇。我夢見我去左o的 showground o既地方﹐同埋o的朋友一齊﹐細佬都好似係到。個Showground 係好似一個個地洞咁架﹐我就同在一個小妹妹朋友一齊行。原本係一班人咁o既﹐但係我知道有個 hidden 地方﹐所以就帶左個小妹妹 Victoria 去囉。裡面有好多野埋架﹐我地就買埋其他人個份囉。 之後要返屋企喇﹐竟然係 Victoria drive 囉。我好驚訝咁問佢識唔識 drive﹐佢話比我聽話佢已經drive 左幾次。返到佢屋企門口個陣﹐其他人都返晒黎咁囉﹐但係我都要返屋企。好似係男朋友drive 囉﹐但係都見唔到佢個樣﹐凈係見到細佬話要返屋企。 咁依到係 one part of the dream lah﹐the other part 就係係麥當勞個到o既。好似有新產品出囉﹐所有就去左食﹐但係唔知點解門口出面有個籃球場窩。有人打緊 ball 啦﹐又有d 新o既 booklet 咁o既野啦。但係我係唔應該比人發現個窩好似﹐係到避緊一o的人咁﹐都唔係好記得依part 關於o的咩﹐記得麥當勞依part 係前過 showground 個part﹐因為之後 Victoria 個家姐 Fei 想要最新個本 booklet﹐但係我話凈係麥當勞個到先有個時﹐係夢裡面竟然可以有 flashback﹐我flashback 返去麥當勞個到見返o的新booklet o的樣囉﹐Fei 就俾錢我叫我去買。 就係記得咁多囉﹐都話我個夢好長架喇。其中重有o的好模糊o既畫面﹐但係又唔係好清楚囉﹐所以都寫唔低。
    今日又要返工啦﹐返工個陣 as i expected 老細真係叫我蜓日返工﹐但係我都係say no 囉。我真係唔想返啊﹐對唔住啊。Anyway, 今日返工都唔忙﹐無咩人去囉。但係到最後﹐ Gavin 竟然咁對我。佢同佢 Daddy 黎食飯啊今次﹐但係因為佢地9點幾先黎所以我要遲o的先可以收野咁囉。放工可以見到 Richard 好開心啊﹐去左 Maccas﹐因為我要 Neopet 個o的公仔囉。去個陣見到 Ken 同 Ady 囉﹐Arthur 重有打電話俾我~~ kakakaka….係囉﹐咁就一日喇。Kelly ah, cheer up lah my gal. 點都好﹐你重有我地依班朋友﹐你做咩我都會 support 你架。想做就去做係你同我講o既~~ kekekeke love you gal~~ Anyway since u sound so shock when I tell you I’m writing my blog…I’ll stop now then~~ kekeke…just cheer up lah ~