Every one is just better than me…

    I feel so 氣妥, no matter how hard I tired, its still the same. I try or I don’t try still get the same marks, how 失敗 am I?  Other ppl tried their hardest, they obviously get good + better marks. When I tried my best, I just get average marks. Does that mean I’m just born to be a loser? Well, if I look at another prespective and say, lucky I pass everything then. I’m greedy, I want something more than a pass, but my 能力範圍 won’t allow me to do that. Just pass or average marks is all I can get. Even if I try so hard. I feel so useless man!!!!!!! This sem, going to be a tough one, even tougher than last sem. Coz I’ve got less time to study for it, closely pack together exams ne. I don’t like that I hate that. I feel so weak…..Can anyone help me pls? I’m on the edge of giving up. Help me pls!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway, good luck to those who are having or even finish their exams. Hope everything goes well with you all. As for me, I think I’ll just aim for a pass again this sem. Passing is better than not passing at all right? I’ll try hard tonite to study, now…I think I’ll take a nap lor. Add oil bb!!!! I know you’ll do fine in your exams. Good luck~!!!!!! Everyone…TAKE CARE!!!!

3 thoughts on “Every one is just better than me…

  1. sansan, passing for me in uni is good enough already ler. it depends on how your perspective is. hmmm don\’t be so stressed lah! And it is so not true that you think yourself as a "loser"!!?!? wt… don\’t think like that, things are not fair and perfect sometimes. as you always tell me too.wish you luck in everything! =)

  2. Thx Jing Jing *sniff sniff*, but I just feel so dumb in Uni. The ppl I know in Uni are so good, well, they deserve to get good marks, coz they are all so hard working. I don\’t know why I\’m being so slack off, exams are coming in few days and I\’m still not prepare for anything. Help me Jing Jing. Give me some confident that I\’ll go well, my well standard now is passing. Degrade already lor~~ heheh….anyway….u take care baby gal~ if u need anything….find me lah….

  3. Hey Sandy.Haven\’t seen you as much as last time as we\’re doing v. different subjects already… :(But yeah, don\’t give up. Actually, never give up! I also feel very sad and depressed at the moment. Everything I\’ve tried is not working. This sem I have really worked hard but even now when I have exam tmr on Monday, I still feeling I have not prepared as much as I could have. I really do not know what to do. Everyone says I would do well with the usual "cos u\’re Alvin" sorta stuff, but seriously, I have serious doubts on myself this semester. Feel so useless, but I keep telling myself, at this sorta times, there is no room for negative thoughts or doubts. Just try our best for this sem. I know we all can do it!I just tried doing Eng Analys B Sample Examination paper and I failed! I couldn\’t even do the simplest of questions like Stokes Theorem, PDEs, or those ODEs that we did last year in Maths A. Kept on forgetting those sorta stuff… *sniff*… :(…. I\’m sure you can do better than me… at the very least pass ga…. ;)Lets hope we all survive the exams. Don\’t give up Sandy. Stay strong and believe in yourself, k? :)Alvin.

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