Add Oil ppl~~

    Exam period start tomolo, I’m here to wish every one good luck for those who have 2day and the following days as well~!!!!! GOOD LUCK PEOPLE~Although you all might hear this so many times, but don’t stress and you’ll do fine (I admit that it doesn’t help on me coz I’m natural to panic..ahhaah). Anway, Good Luck to you Alvin. You going to have exam today. I wish you all the best and hope you’ll go well . I’m going through a stressful period atm, but looking at ur exam times, I know I’ve got no right to complain >.< . Still, wish you good luck lah!!!!!!! Take care as well, but I agree that we don’t chat as much now, since I’m now more direct to software (its a pain I tell you). Catch up sometime after exam lor, but during the conversation, MUST NOT bring exam into it…hahaha….oki lah~ just wish everybody luck ah~ hope you all do well lah, hey, to those who is reading this, better leave a msg here and wish other luck as well . Let the wishing being~~!!!! kakakakaka….TAKE CARE ALL OF YOU MY FRIENDS~ and you too BB~~ take care. Everybody, let’s get into the fighting mode and defeat the exam BOSS!! bai bai ppl~
p.s. Although I tell you all not to stress, I personally is panicing so bad…hahahaha…..I even look like a panda now too~ how can I be less stress and panic? I just hope I’ll pass everything~ not even aiming high…a pass will be good~~ hahahaha….well…laterz ppl

2 thoughts on “Add Oil ppl~~

  1. Haha… yea… Not only you are panicking Sandy… i am as well… :(… you\’ve got a right to complain… lolz. My mech eng subjects are difficult but I believe software ones are just as difficult (if not harder) as well… and I\’m doing it next year… remember to help, arh…. LOL… 😛 j/k. :)But yea, we can catch up after exams… would love to see all EDSC pplz again… hahaha :)…Anywayz, back to study I suppose. All the best for your exams Sandy! :)Alvin.

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