1 down 3 to go~

    Had an arvo exam yesterday and it didn’t go so great. Not going to think about that anymore, since 2molo I’ll be having another exam. Eng. Analysis B~ Damn you, Curse you….As I read throughthe early note, I do understand them, but as I move along with the note. I tend to forget what I have read before, "not happy, Sandi". Now, I’m reading the last part of the subject and its not helping at all. The notes to me, is very hard to understand. Alvin, Katy, do you feel this way? I have trouble even understanding them. I feel so useless again, when it comes to study. I’m never confident about it, since I’ve learn that I shouldn’t be expecting too much in Uni. 2nd year is nearly over(will be after exam), as Roger Hughes (my eng. B lecturer) said, "you are now half way through your course". Now that’s scary isn’t it? Next year, hopefully, I’ll be a 3rd year student. 3rd year Student!!! 2nd year Student still sound alrite, but 3rd year, that sound scary. I don’t want to finish uni that soon in a way of hiding from the society, I don’t wanna work yet. But I also want to drive this horrible periods (exam periods) out of my life. Those pressure, those stress I can not take any longer. Next year, I’ll be having a whole year long project to do. I’m pretty freak out by the sound of that, although the good thing is there is no exam. But can I cope with it though? I mean, I’m not even doing so well now, can I actually cope with the more stressful project? I guess, I’ve learn my lesson. Even though each sem I’ve told my self to work harder. I’ve kept up to my word this sem for the first 2 weeks…ahhaah….keep up with the reading and read the note ahead. Then, as assignments and projects and also my laziness start to interfer. I’m no longer be able to keep up, the only subject I was most up to date will be Introductory Microeconomic, I’ve read the relevent text book chapters. But I didn’t keep it up after the mid break, since after the mid break, each week got assignments + projects to hand it to submit. I’m no longer got time to read it >.<. And that’s my first exam as well, and I didn’t expect it to be so hard. Anyway, as I was saying. I’ve learn my lesson, I’m going to keep up with my work next sem. I have to, since I can’t be slack off anymore, and that I might have my own room by then. That will make study more easier, since I don’t have to go back and form from my room to the study. Also that I’ll be the only one in my room with out other distraction(except for the computer , but I can’t live with out computer). I’m a easily distract person, my sis’s computer and mine are all in the study room, so we both have to sit here all day to do work sometimes. I’ll get distract by my sis sometimes, I’ll talk to her or when she is using mic to chat, I’ll get distract too >.<…..soon…this problem will be over~~~kakakakakakakakaak~~~ I so want to have my own room NOW~!!!!! I had never experience a room to my self….so excit~~~ oh…anyway…..I better get back to study now..not much of reading left..then I can do more pratice …..hope everything will goes well in exam. Pray~~
p.s. BB, don’t worry too much now. You’ll be ok ne~~

2 thoughts on “1 down 3 to go~

  1. Yea… Roger Hughes\’s lecture notes are a little difficult to understand!!! I nearly gave up on it. I read it 5 times carefully but then when I start doing tute problems, the lecture notes don\’t even seem relevant… argh!… and exam is tmr (Friday, 11/11/05)…. feel so stressed. I can understand your position Sandy. :(Yea, how suprising it is that we promise ourselves that we would keep ahead at the start of every sem, but somehow something rather inteferes halfway thru the semester? Well, don\’t feel bad Sandy… lots of people feel this way and I\’m one of them. So don\’t stress abt it. Stress abt exam now, it is the final thing that matters now.Being in 3rd year (50% thru the course) sounds scary… it really is, but don\’t let it distract you now, Sandy. 3rd yr can come later, now we have exams to do. Focus on one thing at a time. :)Hope you feel better a bit after reading this… and all the best of luck for tmr\’s Eng. Analys B exam!ALvin. 🙂

  2. Alvin, what you wrote is comforting. But after today, I\’ve got more depress. I am really not ready, not prepare at all. I stuff it up today AGAIN!! I don\’t nkow if I could pass or not, this time, trust me Alvin. I guess, Engineering is never my thing to be. I don\’t know why I chose it, but as I already make a decision, I should stick to it. So I try hard to just maintain within the pass section. I really did try, but turn out that, things are sometimes not meant to be. I\’m really depress and I know I should be focusing on my next one, which is just on MONDAY~ but…I guess…I\’ll let my self to be depress for a little while…Wish you all the best Alvin. Take care.

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