Its OVER…..

    Hahahah~~ Slept till 1 today, feel so good, feel so good!!!! Its been like what? 2 months that I didn’t have a good night sleep. Damn it!! Since Uni start this term, all those assignments and projects have been waiting for me, one to handi n per week. So bloody awful, always slept at 3 or 4 am. That kill!! And when exam start, always stay up till 5 or 6 am to study. I’m not kidding~~~ EVERY DAY WAS LIKE THAT!!!!!! Every day stay up to study and woke up at 10 or 11am to study again. How crazy was that? But now~ its finally over…over and done with. I can sleep earli and wake up late again….kakakakakakaa~~ although I’m not confident that I’ll pass any of my exams, but what can I do now? I guess, I’ll just stress worrying about that…..SIGH……I don’t understand why, I study, although some time slack off to have a break…but I can still did so bad in exams. Just so unbelieveable lor~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sigh Sigh SIgh~~ Oh well~ Wish every one for their remining exams!!!!!!! GOOD LUCK~!!!!!!!!!!! And Add oil!!!!!

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