A Great dinner~

    I went out to Camberwell for dinner tonite, with my friends from high school mainly. Thx Ken for picking me up up~~ I had a really nice dinner at Sofia. Its a really nice place too, though it is quite busy as well. Not surprise, the food there was quite nice too. Every one was so full, especially Ken. Go KEN!!!! Saw Vivian and her sister Cindy as well, though I didn’t really get to know them both, but I still felt they are really nice people. Like can be get mix in a group easily those type….I admire those ppl, I really do….Coz I myself not a really "groupy" person…but I still glad that I have good friends!!!!!!!!! Maybe if I go out more, I’ll get to know them better~~ kekekekeke…Well, wish Andy and Vivian all the best for their Monday exam!!!!! Good Luck and Add oil~~ you both can do it!!!!!!!! What happen last was so unbelievable and so unerasable~~ KAKAKAKAKAK…it was so funny~~ nice doggy . Dinner was so full, so walked around a bit to lose some weight~~ heheheh……I had a really nice time out…thx guy~~ let’s plan to do something later kk? For now~ Andy and Vivian~ concentrate on your exams lah…..u can do it…both of you~~ C u guys soon~~

4 thoughts on “A Great dinner~

  1. sansan, I am glad you had a great time with your frds! ^^I think next time we should come out and do something fun too! What do you think?? =p

  2. Of coures its good lah Jing Jing~~ I haven\’t been catching up with u for ages lah~ find a time and go out to hang out lor….but….I must warn you…I can\’t stay up for too late lor~ I\’ve got very strike house rule….:P…kekek

  3. eheheh san san i have a readon i am wrtiin a message 4 u! heheh bcause i wana ehehe. hmmm so u on holi alreadi wahhh so earli uhhh i\’ve still got hmm 3 weeks ahhhhhhhhhh help me hehehe wat u gona dooo on holi hehe ah i think ur plan is Eat, sleep, eat, sleep ….. lol hehe am i rite? ahh gota maths test 2 do uhhh:( so borin skool is so borin everythin is –"

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