I’m kinda getting upset atm, to think about it, I hate my exam time table so much. I’ll rather got more time to study then finish early. During swap vac, I still 2 subjects coz I’ve got two exams in one week. Turn out that they both got more reading than I expect and they require more knowledge of understanding. I did so bad in them, seriously I did so bad, don’t know if I can pass or not. Then the rest leaving me of a two day to study for them, which both have to start from the beginning. I read and I study, trying to understand as much as I could, going through the sample exam they given. I thought I was prepare, since going through the Sample exam was not hard at all, but turn out I was wrong. I was really really really wrong. By that, again passing is like a far distance ahead *sob sob sob*. The last one was ok, at least I think I did ok. Although might not get like high, but still MIGHT be able to pass. I’m really worry and I’m really scared!!!! I don’t want to fail any of my subjects, seriously I don’t. Its the end of 2nd year already, I wanna just pass it and move on to the third. I just wish I can pass~~ I don’t ask for much, I just want to pass. A ‘P’ will make me very happy too~~~~~sigh…let’s hope I can pass, let’s pray I can pass. I’m just so upset now….ppl, I wish you all good luck with ur exams~~!!!!!!!!!

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