Own room…

    After years of hoping…I finally got what I want. I can have my own room, cleaning up and packing stuff from study room into my room. Sis going to have the study room as I chose to stay in the room I in. But why ain’t I feeling slightly of happyiness, I feel so empty. Coz "you" are not here to share my joy, turn out to be meaningless and be just something that happen. I need to move this desk and computer into the room soon, don’t know will the cable line in my room work or not. We’ll soon find out hey? Unhappy I will be and I’ll not stay strong, since I’m not strong since the start. Back to packing I go…..
    Sigh…no more moving…since my sis won’t move….I can’t do anything about it……feel a bit piss off……then why the heck did I start moving today for? Feel so wasted again…no bed to sleep tonite….sigh….living room…here I come….

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