Happy New Year~~

    43 degree is a great way to end the year with, its a way of keeping us "alive". I never been to the city for count down and this year will be no exception, especially its 43 degree out side. I don’t want to be squash by ppl by their "craziness" and the melting temperature. Though, I think it would be fun if I go along with friends. Sophie asked Richard if he wants to go to count down after work, he said no. Richard also asked if I wanna go too, but my answer was the same. Its the last day of the year and I don’t want to ruin it. 2molo, new year, new day, new start. I want to forget everything that have been troubling me this year and for those I had talk to should know what they are. I just don’t want to be misery for the whole year again, its enough. This year, get past a bit quick I think. Everything is not ready, yet everything had been done. How strange the world is?? But I must admit, there is something in the past that I’m still holding on. I tried to let it go but it flew right back to me, so troublesome. Next year, hope everything will all work out fine for me. No more sad news and no more "……………something don’t want to mention…………..". Hope that my hatred will die out too, I just want to be me. Anyway….too much detail about unhappy thought…….today is suppose to be cheery. Since 2molo is 2006, a new year ahead of us. Here, wish everyone a Happy New Year and all the best to come next year. Take care everyone and smile~~~!!!!!!!!
Happi New Year!!!!
oh oh oh oh……forgot to mention one thing….the panda bear I knit for Richard as first year anniversary present has finally finish!~~~ going to post up some pic of it later
hahahahahahahah…..I’m just so proud of myself…since this is the first time that I actually complete knitting something…..and it is just DONE…Finish~~….hope he likes it~~ hahahahahah

Boxing Day Special…

    I went out to Chadstone for Boxing day shopping yesterday with Richard, the traffic was unbearable to me and its getting me pissed off. Just bad bad traffic, but the good thing was we still manage to get a parking spot I guess. So many shops and so many things that want to buy, yet, not much thing can get to my eyes. After a few shops walk, we went for lunch, since its like 3 or 4pm in the arvo alrleady >.< . We was planning to go to Nandos for lunch, but the tables are full so couldn’t get a seats so decide to go some where else to eat eat. In the end, went to Pancake P. to have lunch. The lunch there..hm…how can I put it. Its not really worth it. Still like sooo hungry aftward and the fact is I didn’t get much to eat. Oh well, doesn’t matter about that, so then we keep going with the shopping. In the end, I bought my self and Richard a new Top. His one is like Stussy and mine is Billabong. His one is white and got words and mine is grey and got the word Billabong. I love both of the shirts. Richard look good in his and I don’t think I look really good in mine . hehehe…..that’s all I bought yesterday and that’s the most expensive spenting so far…HAHA~~ but its all worth it. Then went back to Richard’s place to get Phil, so we could go out to dinner before seeing "King Kong". heheh……Got to the Nandos for dinner lor (the one next to Safeway), this time the chicken wasn’t as nice as before, so dry. Gum, we went to BH to get Hau Hau as well, she went to city and we need to get her from BH. Turn out that she was lost and was just on the train when we arrive BH, so we need to sat there to wait for her lor. We were like smart, ask Patrick to get the tickets first and go there early to save as seats, coz ppl like to just sit at places. So yeah….just sat near the train station waiting for Hau Hau to arrive. Her train arrived BH at 8:45pm, which is the excat time when the movie "King Kong" going to start. We were like hoping the ads and stuff going to last like 15 or even 25 mins. The unfortunate occured, when we get into the cinema, the movie already started and I didn’t know what was going on for the very start of the movie (King Kong II will be showing soon, Richard (King Kong) VS Hau Hau). The movie was like really sad, got me cring for it. The King Kong was so lonely and all of its kind was dead, only leaving him by himself. He only need a little care, a little love, he felt in love with the beautiful blond lady. He safe her life, he protected her and the reason he got kill is becoz of her. I don’t want him to die, i really don’t wanna, but then the ending will be a bit strange if King Kong didn’t die. sigh….anyway….I recommend others to watch it, its a really touching movie and I really enjoy it. Richard was next to me when I cried, I felt better. Jennifer cried too, coz she also like King Kong, which is a really nice being. After movie, all 8 of us went to Maccas for supper. One didn’t show up and we bought tickets for her as well >.<….Anyway….on the way to Maccas, saw something that is heart hurting. Now going to say it here, but this is the third time I saw something like that. Got me pretty upset there…anway….the time at Maccas was fun too. Richard, Philip, Hau Hau and me sat at one table, and the rest sat at the other table. The content that we talked about was so different too. Us were talking about movies and science, they were talking about something that is economical, commerce"ish" type. In the end, got home around 2ish. It was a speical day…got together with friends….I miss the time spenting with friends…hehehhehehehe….hope to see them again soon…HAHAHAHA
p.s. Richard and I are now 1 year together lor~~ hehehehe….

Christmas is coming…

    Christmas is coming real soon…and the bad news is that I still need to work 2molo!!!!! Darn~~~~ Oh well…not sure will it be busy 2molo though….since its just a small food place at Ho Mei…..I don’t know wether to wish it to be busy or not…..evil evil me~~!!!! Well..Merry Christmas everybody….wish you all the joy and excitment….hope you guys get lots of pressies as well ah!!!!!!! Take care and have a safe holiday~~!!!!!!

Jing Jing…

    Jing Jing, I didn’t want to get mature, in fact…I’m still very childish…but sometime..after we experience a certain things, the way and attitude we deal with things will be different. We’ll try not to make the same mistake, I wish I can say that to myself….sigh…the way I deal with thing is just a mess you see. I told myself everytime that I can’t be like this any more…but turn out I do the same thing again next time. Now, I realise that I can’t just leave thing till last minute…if I want to change…I better change before its all too late you see??? I wish you everything go well lah :)….take care Jing Jing…We’ll chat more later …..I’m tired….physically…as well as mentally….you understand what I mean lah……*hugz* Take care..

Got lucky today!!!

    Went to Richard’s shop for lunch with Arthur and Herman. I’ve drank too much coke and water, went to the toilet alot >.<. I had a nice time there, chatting, chat a bit with Richard, Carr, Phillip and Hao Hao. They were really busy lor, feel bad to just drop by and cost them more trouble. Anyway…after the lunch, we went for a walk around. The most luckiest thing of all is that Herman and I both caught a bear bear doll, one from those you have to like catch with a 爪. So lucky lor~ I’ve got a christmas theme bear bear and Herman got me the one that I wanted, the graduation bear bear. I "might" post the pictures up later…..MIGHT…bought sis a christmas present as well…..nothing much for the rest…..since I need to get home early…but I feel really happy lor. Got the bear and get to see Richard~~ HAHAHAHAHA~~ had a nice chat with Herman on the bus too…turn out that its just me that is suck at driving…..I guess….I’ll never learn and will never be as good as others lor. I better practice more…..practice make things perfect mah…..shouldn’t be scare too much…since every one is doing it…..if I just put in a little bit more work…I might be able to do it too…..I hope…..oh well……heheheh….just a nice day today…