I’ll miss you Ken…

    I wish you a safe flight and all the best of luck in Hong Kong. Hope that in the not too distant future, we’ll meet again. Although I didn’t get the chance of understand you deeply, but to me, you are a great guy. You are out going and surely give a safe feeling to others around you, at least I feel this way. I understand that ppl come and go in our lives, but don’t think I’ll get use to it though. I don’t like friends leaving me, even changing school I don’t like. To you, I might just be a friend of your brohter, not even playing a slightest role in your life. But I’ll never forget you, NEVER. Was planning to go out with you guys this week again, but I’ve got something to do, now I’ve miss the chance. I’ll not say that I regret, coz it will make it sounds like I’ll never meet you again. If you have a chance, pls come back and visit us? Although, everything is still at a not sure state, but if you feel that you are better off in hong kong….then of course stay in hong kong. I here, wish you all the best of luck Ken. You’ve been a great friend  and I’ll surely miss you ALOT!!!!!!!! Take care my good pal, let’s keep in touch kk ??? *hugz* All the best Ken, all the best…

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