Work Work

    First day at work at BB’s shop today….though it was tiring but fun I guess…met new ppl….actually….just fun at some part….some part…just not that "good" lor….well….getting more experience in things lor….kakaka… better shower… and sleep…got work 2molo……

3 thoughts on “Work Work

  1. sansan I work in "Park & Shop" now.It\’s a supermarket in Chinatown, fairly quiet lol.Where do you work now? & how are you?Haven\’t caught up with you for a long time.When will you be free? Wanna come out and we do something together?^^

  2. eheeheno way am i prayin 4 u!!!!u\’r not in heaven!!!! get real ehehehehi\’l talk 2 you though!!!!ok hmmm what else should i say????ahhhh have fun @ work!!!! but not to0 muchok>? eheh work is not sup 2 b fun? hmm it could b…ahhhh i am confusin myself!!!!!bubi i don\’t wana confused all da confusin things i am sayinnwahhhhhh confusin!!!!…………….

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