Got lucky today!!!

    Went to Richard’s shop for lunch with Arthur and Herman. I’ve drank too much coke and water, went to the toilet alot >.<. I had a nice time there, chatting, chat a bit with Richard, Carr, Phillip and Hao Hao. They were really busy lor, feel bad to just drop by and cost them more trouble. Anyway…after the lunch, we went for a walk around. The most luckiest thing of all is that Herman and I both caught a bear bear doll, one from those you have to like catch with a 爪. So lucky lor~ I’ve got a christmas theme bear bear and Herman got me the one that I wanted, the graduation bear bear. I "might" post the pictures up later…..MIGHT…bought sis a christmas present as well…..nothing much for the rest…..since I need to get home early…but I feel really happy lor. Got the bear and get to see Richard~~ HAHAHAHAHA~~ had a nice chat with Herman on the bus too…turn out that its just me that is suck at driving…..I guess….I’ll never learn and will never be as good as others lor. I better practice more…..practice make things perfect mah…..shouldn’t be scare too much…since every one is doing it…..if I just put in a little bit more work…I might be able to do it too…..I hope…..oh well……heheheh….just a nice day today…

2 thoughts on “Got lucky today!!!

  1. Christmas is coming!What I am doing now is writing assignment.I want to just do one thing at a time too.Like working just working, studying just studying, holidaying just holidaying, etc.But what I have now is studying and working and holidaying.. (I am so whiney..><")Enjoy your holiday sansan! Glad you have so much fun! =)

  2. sansan i found that u have become a lot more mature wor! haha now i feel so good from ur words u know. THANK YOU!!!!!!Bearbear is so cute! I like the dark one. >.<

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