Jing Jing…

    Jing Jing, I didn’t want to get mature, in fact…I’m still very childish…but sometime..after we experience a certain things, the way and attitude we deal with things will be different. We’ll try not to make the same mistake, I wish I can say that to myself….sigh…the way I deal with thing is just a mess you see. I told myself everytime that I can’t be like this any more…but turn out I do the same thing again next time. Now, I realise that I can’t just leave thing till last minute…if I want to change…I better change before its all too late you see??? I wish you everything go well lah :)….take care Jing Jing…We’ll chat more later …..I’m tired….physically…as well as mentally….you understand what I mean lah……*hugz* Take care..

2 thoughts on “Jing Jing…

  1. oh baby i can\’t believe u actually wrote this blog to me. ^^yeah i totally understand what u mean.in fact i think perhaps everyone or lots of ppl are like what u said.keep learning but keep making the same mistake over and over again.& it\’s especially the ones to do with emotion la, relationship la etc.i am tired too… i keep convincing myself that life doesn\’t suck but, shit happens too much. the older we grow, the harder the things would be.i miss being childish.i hate the shallow world.wellwellwell, i am speaking too much again..take good care sansan! i ❤ u! u r a little darling. =)

  2. wah wahhhwahhh u didn\’t look 4 ur name good enough wahhhwahhhh u r da lazi one!!!! i wrote u down as LAzi Gal wahhhwahhhh u didn\’t look properli wahh wahh…..>< o0kok finished with dat!hmmm hehheheh hahahah wahh?mistakes —-""" wah????? ahhh i get it! ok ……~~~~hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmahhhhhlearn from ur mistakes! XD ahhhhh every1 makes mistakes!!!!! otherwiseevery1 is right n i totali don\’t except ppls 2 be alwais right!it\’s just wrong:P u get me:P? heheheAh oH Wellz hheheeHve A terribli Hapi holiDAi n MERRI ChriSI!!!!!!mwahmwah— i can\’t b stuffed puttin up da christmas tree yet! i think i wun this yr!heeheh i\’l juz print out a christmas tree and stick it on da carpte:Pciao!! take Care LaZI GAL!!!! ~Love Fei ~x0x0x

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