Happy New Year~~

    43 degree is a great way to end the year with, its a way of keeping us "alive". I never been to the city for count down and this year will be no exception, especially its 43 degree out side. I don’t want to be squash by ppl by their "craziness" and the melting temperature. Though, I think it would be fun if I go along with friends. Sophie asked Richard if he wants to go to count down after work, he said no. Richard also asked if I wanna go too, but my answer was the same. Its the last day of the year and I don’t want to ruin it. 2molo, new year, new day, new start. I want to forget everything that have been troubling me this year and for those I had talk to should know what they are. I just don’t want to be misery for the whole year again, its enough. This year, get past a bit quick I think. Everything is not ready, yet everything had been done. How strange the world is?? But I must admit, there is something in the past that I’m still holding on. I tried to let it go but it flew right back to me, so troublesome. Next year, hope everything will all work out fine for me. No more sad news and no more "……………something don’t want to mention…………..". Hope that my hatred will die out too, I just want to be me. Anyway….too much detail about unhappy thought…….today is suppose to be cheery. Since 2molo is 2006, a new year ahead of us. Here, wish everyone a Happy New Year and all the best to come next year. Take care everyone and smile~~~!!!!!!!!
Happi New Year!!!!
oh oh oh oh……forgot to mention one thing….the panda bear I knit for Richard as first year anniversary present has finally finish!~~~ going to post up some pic of it later
hahahahahahahah…..I’m just so proud of myself…since this is the first time that I actually complete knitting something…..and it is just DONE…Finish~~….hope he likes it~~ hahahahahah

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