Nice and Cool~~

For those who don’t know…I’m in Goungzhou rite now and its nice and cool here……Its been good for the past few days…get to see alot of relatives and got to shop around…..which is wat i want to do for ages…..hm….nothing much happen so far..except that I can’t have enough sleep…this really cute nephew of mine just woke us up at 7 something….omg…I havn’t been awake this early since exam finish….so bad…so hahahahahaha a bit cranky as well…hm….missing everything here lor….well…you all have a happy new year alrite??? ok lah…take care~~

Truth or lies…

    真與假我不會分。有人可以告訴我嗎?? 心理極度不平行﹐我應該相信嗎? 重覺得有人不喜歡我﹐所以不想我好。是我多心嗎?? 非常不開心。。。




    有無搞錯?? 頭先打個d野無晒!!!!????? 又要打過, SIGH~!!!! 好喇﹐我寫o既係話自己好似做錯事o既小孩子被人抓到一樣﹐感覺好不安唷。 都唔知點解﹐我想﹐是因為我的不捨吧。對阿﹐我唔捨得啊>.<~~~重有幾多日?? 我都唔知可以做d咩野好﹐時間好快就過左囉。Holiday 都過左一半喇﹐重有幾多假日剩?? 好似咩都無做過咁好慘。。。都唔知自己想寫咩喇﹐唔寫喇~~~~

Another good day~~

    Another good day after the problems were solve. I’m learning to just enjoy the moment and just do what I feel like at the time. Went to Albert Park to play badminton again today, but with Richard and Hau Hau lor. We were planning to play table-tennis, but they had this squash championship thingy, so no court for us. The worst part was that the badminton court won’t be available until 4pm, which by the time we got there was like 2:30pm. So, we went outside for a walk before deciding if we really want to wait. Its a nice walk around the lake, Hau Hau and I tried to scare away the "bird" kind. I weren’t really successful, they only flew away when I start to walk back…..ai ai ai ai ai…..then finally, decide to walk back to book a court. We didn’t walk back out again, just hang around the sport centre. We took photo from one of the photo machine, though I thought it was a rip off….ahhaha…the pic look silly but great…love it….one of the memory I’ll treasure for the rest of my life. I don’t want Hau Hau to go ever >.<…..she is such a nice friend ah….anyway…..played an hour of badminton then went for dinner. Hau Hau cooked tonite, we had beef steak with mash potato and potato chips…..and eggs with mushroom…soooooooooooo very nice…..Hau Hau is a good cook ah~~~Watch a bit of movie along with dinner…..then I washed up up, since I didn’t really help with the cooking. Gum, leave and went home by 10pm. I love today again…so very very nice…..I can’t wait until the next trip…..heheheh….hope everyone is having a great holiday as well…….oh……Alvin…..I know you r starting ur summer course…but don’t stress too much…..coz it will only cause side effect mah~~ just relax….sorry that I can’t help you with ur assignment…since I never took that subject >.<…….but I wish you all the best best ah~~ good luck and keep up with the good work~~!!!

Long and active day…

    Arrived at Albert Park around 12 noon today, Michael thought that we won’t be able to hire a court but he was wrong. And when we get into the badminton courts, he was very wrong. Apart from us two, there were only two more groups playing. Next to our court was this little kid playing along with two guys, the kid was good man and cute too. An hour of badminton was all I could take, haven’t been excersing for a while you see. I pretty enjoy the running around the court, got me feeling a bit active. After badminton, took a short walk along the pond. To be excat, its just the walk back to the car…hahaha…but its soothing, didn’t really stay for long for "sight seeing". We went to Southland to have lunch. Michael had Hungry Jack and I had KFC. I’m a real fan of the Wicket Wings..hehe..Then walked around the shops, the Jay Jay clothes shop was so funny, the wording on the shirt was like….unbelieveable…..its with a sense of humor. I haven’t really see anything that meets my eyes lor, its hard this day to find something that I really like. Actually, went into the Swarovski crystal shop, saw all this nice and cute crystals which I like very much. There’s this flower crystal in a crystal pot, look really cute. I love that alot…and I bought a pair of new ear rings too…I really like the ear rings. Michael and I walked till the shopes closed. Ain’t the mood for dinner yet, so went to St Kilda, since I haven’t been there before. It was raining, but luckily he got an "umbanana". Got ourselves ice-cream, I’ve got this apple and mango flavour lor. Its really nice. Walked around the shops, walked around the beach. I’ve got sand in my shoes…hahaha…picked up a couple of shells for memory. So, took a walk around the beach, then went for a drive around the city lor. Still not the mood for dinner, so went to Chapel Street. I didn’t know that he was taking me there at first, coz he said Jam Factory and I kinda forgot the name of the place Richard took me last week. I remember that I went to Chapel Street but not that Jam Factory. So yeah, walked there for a bit. Most shops were close lah, since it is getting a bit late for dinner. Finally to decide to have dinner lor and was planed to go to that Korean place he suggested in the city. When we got there, its already close. Gum, no choice but to look for other faster option, which I suggested Maccas….hahah…fast and easy. We were going to Maccas, so I said let’s go back to the East Doncaster one, since it is closer to my home and I planned to call Richard to come too. Its close to 10pm, but on the way there, Richard called and asked if I want to go to Pancake P. with him and the staffs, since he said that they suggested to go. Gum, we were going to get dinner anyway, so went there lor. But, when I got there, I’m no mood for dinner any more, don’t feel hungry at all. Richard was chatting to Hau Hau and Eddi about the shop and stuff. Gum, each order what they want lor. Richard and I order ours later, coz I didn’t know what I want since I wasn’t hungry at all. Around 11 something, the pancake arrived and I was eating bit and pieces that Richard cut up for me. It was nice, but I really wasn’t feel like eating. Well, I guess it is better to add some food into my stomach. Michael suddenly said that he got to go and I looked at my watch, its like 11 something and I should get home. So I asked him to drive me home as well. Then….got home lor…….that’s my day lor……..sound pretty exciting isn’t it??? I felt more active……hehehhe…..I had a good day with Michael and I got to see Richard as a bonus…great isn’t it?? hehehhehe…….I like today…..


    [深雪]這個作者應該對女生都不太陌生吧。她寫了很多本書﹐其中一本叫 "當魔鬼談戀愛"。書中的人物對我們來說非常熟識﹐有上帝﹐有聖母瑪利亞有耶穌﹐有天使﹐有阿當﹐有夏娃﹐當然的是有魔鬼。
    這一段驚醒了我﹐發現了我的醜惡。愛一個人真的應該是這樣嗎?? 那我愛得失敗﹐愛得自私。好多不願去想的事情都回來了﹐如果愛一個人真的是這樣﹐停停停停停!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 我不想再去想了﹐我真的不願再去想了。放過我好嗎??? 我們為何會愛上一個人?? 是因為我們從對方身上找到我們須要的嗎?? 我覺得﹐每個人都在尋找一個可以稱為"自己"的海港。到了遇上挫折﹐須要呵護的時候都會為我們張開那溫暖的懷抱的海港。 我變了﹐我變得悲了。為何呢??? 我不知道﹐其實﹐我是知道的﹐但我不願去面對。因為我知道﹐無論如何﹐過去永遠改不了﹐過去永遠在我心中留下了一度醜陋的傷痕。 不寫了﹐我不想"懷念"我的過去。 我想重生。。。