Long and active day…

    Arrived at Albert Park around 12 noon today, Michael thought that we won’t be able to hire a court but he was wrong. And when we get into the badminton courts, he was very wrong. Apart from us two, there were only two more groups playing. Next to our court was this little kid playing along with two guys, the kid was good man and cute too. An hour of badminton was all I could take, haven’t been excersing for a while you see. I pretty enjoy the running around the court, got me feeling a bit active. After badminton, took a short walk along the pond. To be excat, its just the walk back to the car…hahaha…but its soothing, didn’t really stay for long for "sight seeing". We went to Southland to have lunch. Michael had Hungry Jack and I had KFC. I’m a real fan of the Wicket Wings..hehe..Then walked around the shops, the Jay Jay clothes shop was so funny, the wording on the shirt was like….unbelieveable…..its with a sense of humor. I haven’t really see anything that meets my eyes lor, its hard this day to find something that I really like. Actually, went into the Swarovski crystal shop, saw all this nice and cute crystals which I like very much. There’s this flower crystal in a crystal pot, look really cute. I love that alot…and I bought a pair of new ear rings too…I really like the ear rings. Michael and I walked till the shopes closed. Ain’t the mood for dinner yet, so went to St Kilda, since I haven’t been there before. It was raining, but luckily he got an "umbanana". Got ourselves ice-cream, I’ve got this apple and mango flavour lor. Its really nice. Walked around the shops, walked around the beach. I’ve got sand in my shoes…hahaha…picked up a couple of shells for memory. So, took a walk around the beach, then went for a drive around the city lor. Still not the mood for dinner, so went to Chapel Street. I didn’t know that he was taking me there at first, coz he said Jam Factory and I kinda forgot the name of the place Richard took me last week. I remember that I went to Chapel Street but not that Jam Factory. So yeah, walked there for a bit. Most shops were close lah, since it is getting a bit late for dinner. Finally to decide to have dinner lor and was planed to go to that Korean place he suggested in the city. When we got there, its already close. Gum, no choice but to look for other faster option, which I suggested Maccas….hahah…fast and easy. We were going to Maccas, so I said let’s go back to the East Doncaster one, since it is closer to my home and I planned to call Richard to come too. Its close to 10pm, but on the way there, Richard called and asked if I want to go to Pancake P. with him and the staffs, since he said that they suggested to go. Gum, we were going to get dinner anyway, so went there lor. But, when I got there, I’m no mood for dinner any more, don’t feel hungry at all. Richard was chatting to Hau Hau and Eddi about the shop and stuff. Gum, each order what they want lor. Richard and I order ours later, coz I didn’t know what I want since I wasn’t hungry at all. Around 11 something, the pancake arrived and I was eating bit and pieces that Richard cut up for me. It was nice, but I really wasn’t feel like eating. Well, I guess it is better to add some food into my stomach. Michael suddenly said that he got to go and I looked at my watch, its like 11 something and I should get home. So I asked him to drive me home as well. Then….got home lor…….that’s my day lor……..sound pretty exciting isn’t it??? I felt more active……hehehhe…..I had a good day with Michael and I got to see Richard as a bonus…great isn’t it?? hehehhehe…….I like today…..

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