Another good day~~

    Another good day after the problems were solve. I’m learning to just enjoy the moment and just do what I feel like at the time. Went to Albert Park to play badminton again today, but with Richard and Hau Hau lor. We were planning to play table-tennis, but they had this squash championship thingy, so no court for us. The worst part was that the badminton court won’t be available until 4pm, which by the time we got there was like 2:30pm. So, we went outside for a walk before deciding if we really want to wait. Its a nice walk around the lake, Hau Hau and I tried to scare away the "bird" kind. I weren’t really successful, they only flew away when I start to walk back… ai ai ai ai…..then finally, decide to walk back to book a court. We didn’t walk back out again, just hang around the sport centre. We took photo from one of the photo machine, though I thought it was a rip off….ahhaha…the pic look silly but great…love it….one of the memory I’ll treasure for the rest of my life. I don’t want Hau Hau to go ever >.<…..she is such a nice friend ah….anyway…..played an hour of badminton then went for dinner. Hau Hau cooked tonite, we had beef steak with mash potato and potato chips…..and eggs with mushroom…soooooooooooo very nice…..Hau Hau is a good cook ah~~~Watch a bit of movie along with dinner…..then I washed up up, since I didn’t really help with the cooking. Gum, leave and went home by 10pm. I love today again…so very very nice…..I can’t wait until the next trip…..heheheh….hope everyone is having a great holiday as well…….oh……Alvin…..I know you r starting ur summer course…but don’t stress too much…..coz it will only cause side effect mah~~ just relax….sorry that I can’t help you with ur assignment…since I never took that subject >.<…….but I wish you all the best best ah~~ good luck and keep up with the good work~~!!!

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