Uni had start…and I’m not feeling relax about it. First day of Uni and I realise I’ll need to give out more effort than last year….way more effort..and this thought is scaring me. Projects, Assignments, mid-sem test, everything everything is stressing me out already. I can’t say that I am a hard working student, and I never will be one. I want to try hard this sem, I really want to try. I better start learning soon or else I’ll regret it so much. Need to work tonite, sigh……will be hard for me to pick it up again. Aiyah…stuff it…better get something done… thing I get done yesterday is finish cleaning up my room….very satisfy with it…..wipe the dust and rearrange the room…heheheh…..I like it….oh well…better do something now… hot today..might be busy tonite lor……

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