Good ppl do deserve good thing..

    Richard introduced me to new friends yesterday, they are kind enough to invite me to go to their BBQ. Maggie, Kuan and Qti were the host of the BBQ, Kuan is Maggie’s loving bf and Qti is Maggie’s mum. All very nice ppl, I can’t believe there are still such type of person exist in the world like this. Maybe so far, I haven’t really open up my social circle or should I say, I have been closing my social circle. They still haven’t lost their innocent and the inner child, that’s the part I amdir the most. Maggie even took us a tour around her house, showing us her collectiong (the stuff that I LOVE~~~cutie stuff lor)…She even said, we could come by her house any time, as long as there is someone at home, though she might said it out of politeness but I don’t see it that way, she is just too kind … no pressure at her house, even the Qti is like a kid, I had so much fun at their house. I could learn from them, since Maggie and Kuan are in the real world now, as in…hahaha…they have proper job~~~ Even their friends are like nice too, dun know ah…just had a really nice time at their place yesterday. The BBQ started at 12pm I presum…but we got there like 1pm..then….after a while….help out to set the fire, it is a very hard job I must admit…ahahah…took us a bit of time to get the fire going ah….. I had work in the arvo…so is Richard…we left at 4pm lah….by the way…the food was like really nice too…before we go Maggie invited us to come back after work to have supper (which is more BBQ and other food lah)…We did come back for more… coz.. i just feel happy around them… I hope to see them again soon~~ I wish I can be as cheery as they are … and be that open up to feeling as they are too … I wish I can change…
Thx Maggie, Kuan and Qti for giving me such a great time….THX

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