I’m at uni while writing this post. I should be staying home relaxing on a friday, in not, do some studying at home lah. Today, once again need to go back to uni and do work. I’ve got this 341 group work to finish on. So far, we are going pretty good lah, half way through already. Soon…Soon we can finish lah…let’s hope…..we are all having mental breakdown … too much thinking on what should we type…we are having this comparison on our SRS documents that we chose…..just too much….too much work….I need to go to commerce lab to print notes as well…ahhaha…better not waste my quota there ah mah rite?? So..just go and print print print lor…..oh…actually…I better go there now..or else the lab will be close….aarrrgghh….bai ppl…i’ll type more later….take care

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