Easter Break…

    Easter Break start yesterday, I’m relaxing so much. Though I know there are plenty of work for me to do, sigh. Anyway…Been sick on wednesday nite..better now…thx Arthur for the call as well . I’ll catch up with u next time. Hm…I’ve start making my website too, its not finish so I’m not posting up the site…ahahahhaha….oh well….I don’t know how I’m feeling atm. I guess…I need to control my jealousy…but I just can’t..it just got me to the top….sigh….got me upset and stuff….oh well..better control it somehow….sigh…so much to do…final day of relax lah…2molo got to work whole day….then sunday…need to do some uni work again…assignment and project to do….can i drop dead? And thx to Meko for the supporting e-mail too…I miss you ah….you add oil with ur work too and I support u also….take care….don’t want to write anymore lah….bai

One thought on “Easter Break…

  1. Its my pleasure!!!
    U r my best friend wo,I always support u too.
    Sandi,u can do the best , trust me.
    U can do it ,u can do it.
    Add  oil add oil

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