Stanley’s 21st b-day party~~

    Sorry Stanley for the late report on ur b-day party . We had dinner at Sofia on Tuesday nite, though his excat b-day was on the 5th of April, but everyone was busy lah since its still uni time~~~. The food there was quiet nice nice ga, at least I enjoy them. I didn’t know everyone there, and the ppl I sat with are my high schoolies(Stanley and Leon were my primary schoolies too ah~~) and Richard bb…Anyway, had a great time at dinner. We had this Gelate eating competition, but unfortunatly our team didn’t like two layers of it, we were like froze there and only Arthur ate it. That’s why we lost!!!! Next time we’ll specially order our own one Vivian . Then afterward, went to Red Box to sing K…though I sang like half of a song, but don’t think anyone heard me since I was hiding…kakakakka….The part I liked was the hand painting part, its like soooooooooooooooooooooooo memoriable. hehehehhe……yeah … kinda have fun in the sing k place, since I didn’t do much…hahahahaha…..and at ~10:38pm…We left lor, drove Arthur back to Lilydale (to his home). Hahaha…Arthur, now I know where you live, u can’t hide from me anymore~~ wahahahahahahahaha…and you place is actually bigger than my bed room~~ and got like a bathroom too….I want ah!!!!!!! >.<….Anyway, Richard said that its not that far away ah….I’ll ask him to drive me to visit you….hehehehehhe……yep yep…that’s about all for the day lor…had fun….I was happy to see friends~~ and I’ve upload some photos to my album lah….go check it out lah~~~kekekekeke…I better do work now…bai bai~~~

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