What a day~

    What a day. BB and I both fell sick, also I experienced a fire evacuation
in ICT today while I was having my SRS review with the 440s. HAHAHA..
we were thinking is it real or not and then heard the announcment saying
it is REAL. So we all went down and get out of building, the most
wonderful thing then happen. It RAIN!!!! Standing outside in the cold
with rain on top of our heads, just wonderful. Got under the rain three
times today, 1st is during the fire evauation, 2nd is walking back to
PLT from Uni cafe (is it wat its call?) and the 3rd is walking back to
ICT from PLT. NOT GOOD at all!! And I finished late today as well,
due to the two group meetings that I had. I finished at 6:30ish. Then,
went to No.1 to have dinner, then went home lor. Had my shower, took
an hour and a half nap, coz I was feeling not good. Turn out to end up
with a headache after sleeping, now I’ve got to work under a headache
>_<…not that good hey??? Well, better get back to work lor.

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