Uni is my second home

    I can’t believe I’ve got a day that I can called Uni as my second home!! SIGH…too bad….got too much work to do and I’m much productive at Uni. Since don’t have all those distraction I have at home in my room…hehehe…well….yeah…have been staying in uni for much much longer this days. On tuesday, I used to finish at 11a.m but end up didn’t get home till 11:30p.m!!!!!!!! I was having meeting from 12pm to 5 something pm, then did some group work on computer till 6 or 7?? Can’t really remember the excat time, then team members were off doing their other subject project (GOOD LUCK Chair and Andrew with you 332 and 380 projects!!!!)…Anyway, tuesday was pack for me, so much need to be get done within one nite. But I’ve got help from ppl, which is good. Thx BB for helping me wth the diagram drawing, thx Juny for helping me with the audit questions. And I need to do some database stuff on that nite, oh..thx bb for helping me to find a 2003 excel program and the video on how to do mapping in excel. So, yeah, I’ve learn mapping on tuesday too. The most time costing is the Class Diagram for 341, need to think of all those interaction and all those method and attribute just kill me. Since I’m doing the Class Diagram, I need to help to change the use case diagram (that i didn’t do until today). Well, today (Wednesday), I stay in Uni again, coz I have group meeting of course, but still stay back to try to finish off the Class diagram and fixing the use case diagram in uni. I plan to have dinner with BB, so I need to go at around 8ish….on the way down stair…saw siska and stay for a chat~~ hahahaha…..so tonite…..I end up doing the sequence diagram all over again, since I’ve change a fair bit of the class diagram….AARRRGGGGGGHHHH…..I didn’t sleep till 5 this morning…and now its 5am again…better get some rest now ….got lecture at 10am. Luckily, BB going to drive me to uni 2molo, so I can wake up just a bit later…ahhahahahah…oki lah oki lah…better sleep now…wish me luck ppl..let’s hope I survive lah~~~!!!

One thought on “Uni is my second home

  1. same here, i stayed at uni for the whole day too… that\’s life… i was there since 11am and left 1:30am… anywayz, take a good rest on friday nite~!

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