Let the pain begin

      My exam study start tonite, right after I finish typing this blog.
hm….to my surprise, this semters got through so quickly, more
quicker then usual I should say. But nothing more I can do now
but to try my best and do well. Strangest thing is that I wasn’t
a bit in my exam mode at all! I used to have panic months before
exams even start and yet, I don’t want to bring my self to study
at all. Maybe its because the stress and the work I’ve got through
this sem was too much for me to handle, which as a result make
me go numb on my senses toward my Uni work. I wouldn’t say
I slack off on all my work, I was on time for all of my group work
just not the study. Since each week I’ve got my hands on something
that’s to due in the week or the week that follow. Even now, before
exam actually finish, my 340 group had already plan out what to
do with the assignment during the holiday. Each week a certain
task must be accomplish, let’s hope I won’t crush my self from
pressure. There is one very important thing to accomplish this
sem and I won’t say it here, but it will mean a great deal to me if
it success. Though, I’ll lost something in return, but I’m willing to
give it up just for it. Should I pray for it? Since I don’t want to
use god to fulfill my wants. Anyway, everything happen for a reason
and it is depend on us how it would end. Anyway, let not waste
too much time in this and get back to my pain of studying. Later
tonite, I can have "zhong" as supper. Mum made it herself and I
can assure that it will taste very nice. Ok now, wish me luck on the
exam and I wish everyone luck in exam as well. TaTa.

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