Tonite, it was my first nite of watching WC on my own. Acutally,
I should said this up front, I don’t really watch sport in the past.
Especially not soccer, but tonite change me. I was tempted to watch
by Kelly, who kept telling me for the first 20 mins on who goal and
got me curious. So, I went out to watch which I missed the first
three goals already in the first half of the match. Oh, yeah…tonite..
or this morning…its GER VS CRC….ending with 4:2 GER won~
the first half wasn’t that good to me since I think its becoz I missed
all the Goal…but then the second half got better. I was sitting in the
living room by myself and got excited by the goals and nearly get
in goals. I was going omg omg omg….aahhhh…….which felt a bit
silly to do on my own…..heheheh…but yeah…didn’t know that it
will interest me and got me excited like that… I might watch it again
2molo nite..or should I say tonite…but I should really study on my
exam….why WC have to start during exam period….that’s one big
disappointment to the uni soccer fans~~anyway….better keep going
now and then get some rest…since I need to go to work tonite~~
hehehe…thanks Kelly~~ for keeping me company and for showing me
how fun soccer can be~~ u add oil with ur exam and I know you
can do it…don’t stress too much lah~~ support u ah

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