Too soon…

    In a couple more hours, I’ll be sitting in the exhibition center doing my first exam. Am I ready?? To me "NO"…but …nothing more I can do now since I’m too panic and nervous to study with this couple of hours that I have…..I’m really nervous about the exam, scared that what they ask is not what I’ve studied….now…we can only be opitimistic about it….I’m scared that I won’t be able to finish the exam within 2 hours…since I have to write three essay type of solution……aiiiiiiii yah~~~~ better read some more just to increase my understanding….cramping in everything in the last minutes sometimes might help a little…..not a lot…but it will help….wish me luck ppl~~~ I wish u all good luck as well……

2 thoughts on “Too soon…

  1. Wei, don\’t worry wor, nothing will worse than my first exam (which is failed)
    hey, good luck for ur exams (including mine)!!

  2. SANDI, support u forever! 
    I believe u can do anything la…
    and love u,HEHE                ^@^

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