Watched the WC before and GER won~~~yeah!!!! Comparing to the other team I favour GER more, who told the swedish to take Korea out of the game. Now …no more Asian team in the last 16……2-0 was the scored and the Swedish miss the chance in the penalty kick….too bad…but must admit the goaly was soooooooo good for blocking so many shot from GER….heheh…too bad the next game is on at 5….can’t watch lor…need to work 2molo as well ah mah……too bad…but I won’t miss the Aust one though….heheheh INTERESTING

2 thoughts on “wow~~

  1. Hey sansan.. I wish I can spend half of my holiday in AUS.. Well, I will be back on 12th July. You will still be on your holiday right? If so we can catch up then! I am looking forward to it. 🙂
    BTW, my old blog no longer exists.. Change the URL to "" la! ^3^

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