Its time…

    I can’t deny that I’m having a disfunctional life style. I should plan out my schecdule more, be more organise and do more work. I should really get rid of the habbit of staying up late to finish off assignments/projects/study, learn to proceed a little a day continuously. So much I need to learn, just so so so so much. I need to learn to take things little easy too and not let my emoition take control of my mind. I am too emotional I admit, but it is something that I live with for so long. I want to do thing that is more creative, like design, that’s why I love the Sims 2 so much. It fulfill my fantasy!!! I can build my own house, place what ever I want at where ever I want, bought up someone that is so damn smart and can go on a nite out to meet new friends, they can just chat to who ever I desire. I wish I can be like that sometimes, but I don’t want someone to control me though. I’m a bit contridictive myself, sometimes I want someone to make all the decision for me and chose for me, but then I’ll say don’t control me or I can think for myself. But, I guess that’s what every human do, be a little contridictive. I’m lost all the time too, it feels like I never use my head for anything else except for Uni work. The other time I just don’t think at all and I’m in a habbit of having a blank mind, not a good sign. I also know that ppl can’t just change over night, so I’ll take it slow. First stop, have to control my anger and my jealousy. Since, I believe this is the two main issue that is destroying me bit by bit. I’m no longer be able to control myself when I’m angry or when I’m jealous. Or, anyone can suggest me a way to control it? I’ll see if I can do that first. I’m going to nap now and then watch the World Cup at 5am. I can’t believe I can be a soccer fan!! Enjoy~~

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