First week is over…

    Well well well, first week of Uni is finally over and so far so good. Although 340 is a bit behind schedule for some part, but we are getting there. Let’s hope everything will be on track on week 12. During this week, I’ve done alot. I’ve even study!! Believe it not, I really did. I’ve read a bit of the 342 hand out lecture notes. I should really get this into a habbit of studying consistenly. I’ve read the notes, I’ve understand it, but the sad thing is I forgot most of the stuff I read already. So, might need to go over it again and again, until it sticks. I’ve got plan for this weekend too, I’ll list the things later. And, also, my emotion for this week is always unstable. I can be all high in one second, then the next second I can be all down or frustrate and piss off. Something wrong with me?? I think so!! Hahaha….I’m trying to control it lah….trying very hard to…anyway….I felt that I have a more positive attitude toward my uni life now. But I’m very stubborn about my work and when I set my self a task, I would like to finish it straight away. So, I still slept a bit late at nite this week. The good thing is (but I complain its not a good thing at all) that I start my uni at 11 or 12 for the whole week. No more free day, not much free time. But hey, that’s what uni is about. Getting us all worn out during the day and don’t have time for a life…..HAHAHAHAHAHA…..but some ppl still manage their life very well lah….so its just some part of the group, like my self, that can’t handle many things at once. Not a good thing!!! Anyway….I’ve also met up with a high school friend Arthur this afternoon. Catch up a bit and yeah….oh oh oh… relax my self, I went to the lib to borrow some novels to read. I’ve finish one just then, they are not long, so can read it fast and easy. Hehehe…oki….I’ll write down my to do list now….

Plans for this weekend:
* Review SRS
* Change RMP (Might not be able to get it done this weekend)

* Read 342 note
* Read Network 353 note
* Read a bit of the "Writing for Computer Science" text book
* Read the novel I borrowed today
That’s about it actually, I’ll cross out the stuff I do after the weekend and see how many I’ve achieved…..hehehe…..oki oki now….take care ppl~~

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