Oh….new interface

    Hm…I was surprise when I first saw this new interface of the msn space. I thought my space load incorrectly or something, I even asked a friend to check her space to see. Turn out, yep, msn space got a new look and its not bad. Ok..back to what I’m going to say lah…..Arthur…you fly me aeroplan AGAIN!! How dare you!!!!! SIGH~~ Kinda want to go to hot pot with you ga Arthur….next time lah next time lah….anyway….I’m going to have dinner with my 3rd Grade teacher from Macau on Friday, after Uni finish. So excit~~I can’t believe it~~ the sad thing is that she is leaving on the 20th August…which is soon…since she is here just to study a short course…..Well, I still consider myself lucky to be able to meet up with her and catch up on my childhood abit…hehe…let’s hope it will be a great dinner….and 2nd week of uni is going to be end soon…all I could say is….its alrite lah~~ Much busier and less time for personal thing…..ai ya~~~Uni Uni is causing me pain…hahaha…..oh well…better not waste any more time then….take care everyone~ Meko ah…I wish you can go to the dinner with me on Friday lei….hope in the future it can happen
Oh by the way……ICT is bad!!!

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