Dinner with Miss Leung

    I had a wonderful time yesterday with my 3rd Grade teacher, Miss Leung. We went to Lapochatta for dinner. We ordered a small Marinara pizza and a Mushroom Riviola. It was very nice and yummy. Janice (Miss Leung) and I chatted alot, about our selves and about our past. She mention a lot of names from my 3rd grade. The sad thing was, I didn’t remember them. I just had a vague memory of their names only. Anyway, I’ve posted the photos that we took yesterday in here. Feel free to check them out. So yeah….I hope to see her again soon, the sad thing is she is leaving on the 20th August, back to Macau. Its ok….I know that we’ll still keep in touch and we’ll meet again~!!!! Meko, really wish you can be here with us for dinner.

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